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7/14/2006 8:05 pm

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OK, so I know what most people think when they hear about a guy like me:

"What an ass, running around behind her back like that..."

And I completely understand that. After all, why should someone in my shoes get any sympathy, especially in a venue where many of you don't have a significant other? Well, I'm here to say that it's not as simple as me being a douchebag.

It's not that I don't love her, care for her, want to be with her, and all of the rest of that stuff. I've never felt anything for the other women I've messed around with during our relationship whatsoever, and could see myself eventually marrying this woman. But yet, I always feel there's something missing, and occasionally I look elsewhere to get it.

So I turn here, not just in hopes of finding the occassional triste, but also in search of some kind of answer to why I keep fooling around. Your help, of course, is very appreciated.

So I guess my first question is this: What aren't I getting in my relationship? Any ideas?

rm_shyinsatin 32T

7/14/2006 10:13 pm

I came to say 'attention' as well.

As much as sex is just sex, often enough, it's also validation and one on one (on one on one...) attention. If you two have been together a long time, then perhaps it's also the spark of new things with a new person.

Also, 'ScrewMyOldPussy' is a great user name.

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