Two gurl fashion show today... and my Network.  

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10/12/2005 7:01 am

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12/5/2006 2:40 pm

Two gurl fashion show today... and my Network.

Hi everyone,

Before I go off on my daily nonsense I want to thank everyone I have met here lately. It just keeps getting better and better, the great letters, fascinating conversations, incredibly hot profiles and pics [all of yours... not mine!], sexy stories, hot guys and gurls cumming for me on IM... but what I just can't get over is how nice everyone is. The guys are charming and polite and courteous, which is definitely the way to get into Jodie's panties, the gurls are so hot and sweet it's incredible...

I gave up adding to my Hotlist, all the hottest gurls on AdultFriendFinder are in my Network, take a look at my Network friends and you will see the most wonderful gurls on this site. I am so flattered, these gurls are just gorgeous, I mean runway model quality. I might write SI a letter with photos and see if they will do next year's calender with 12 of my Friends, they could get away with it, except for an occasional bulge in a string bikini or thong

When you have a minute take a look, and just try and meet any of these amazing ladies on here and it will be time well spent.

Here are my personal favorites from my Network of friends, starting with my pick as the most sensual, stunning gurl I have ever laid eyes on.

An_Apple Apple
When you see this gurl I believe you will agree, her 5 photos are THE most amazing physical beauty and sexual presence I have ever had the pleasure to view. I can't even look right now, or my blog for today would be over because for the next hour or too I would be fantasizing of Apple and stroking my hard cock in my new VS pink lace thong. But especially her face, oh my god having that look, those eyes, and that body should not be allowed in one package! How can any of us other gurls compete with her... she just takes my breath away. And if that wasnt enough to make her a true princess, she is intelligent, articulate, well spoken, and thoughtful, and sincere. Her letter to me was so nice I was just thrilled to read it.

CDstockingsnHeel Nicki
Now Nicki from Miami is my idea of class wrapped up in a very sexy package. She and I are rapidly becoming good friends and I just luv her already. And I may be going to Miami to work on my tan in a dental floss thong and play with this hot lady, so when Jodie and Nicki get together the lights may dim in Miami like the blackout of NYC, and there is going to be one hell of a tropical storm brewing

Cherylfuckme Cheryl

Cheryl is from the UK, I am ready to swim the Atlantic just to meet her. I would strongly recommend to all those wonderful British gentleman and ladies I chat with to look her up, and to all the guys here in the US you may take your place in line behind Jodie eating your hearts out that she is so far away for us like I do.

ChrissyClitNYC Chrissy

Chrissy is so hot sometimes it scares me she is only 270 miles from me down in NYC, cause every time I look at her I am ready to hop in my 928 and break a few land speed records to zip down there and fuck this gorgeous gurl. And if you want to read one hot profile, this is it.

Jennababe05 Jenna
Describing Jenna accurately would only take me one word, a goddess. She truly is, her photos leave me breathless. You little boys around San Jose better get a hold of her before I do, cuz I'm never lettin her go if I get there first. Absolutely awesome photos.

Jessicacd362 Jessica
All I can say about Jessica from NY is that she is not only one of the most beautiful and erotic gurls on this site, but in my opinion on the entire planet. Enough said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the 5 photos on her profile are priceless. OMG, she is SO beautiful, and her albums will have you stroking your cock within seconds, I guarantee it. You are truly stunning Jessica gurl...

KyleeCdSweet Kylee
Now my little darling Kylee is my new gf and I just love her. So any of you men around PA better hurry up and get to know her, because we are getting together soon and I hope to bring her home with me cuz she is just so adorable and so incredibly hot. We are working on some new photos and shopped together all week, so keep checking her profile for new sizzling photo sets very soon. Take care my luv, Jodie is crazy about you.

Michelle6161 Michelle
Michelle's main photo of her incredible hard cock and that great body in a black lace body suit is just awesome, you take one look at her and you are going to cum instantly, I know because I did. Smokin, and pretty, and did I mention that rock hard 8.5 inch gorgeous cock she has, wonder if she has to register that with the FBI as a lethal weapon?

Shemale4Daddy Tiffany
You know how B.B. King is The King of the Blues, nobody disputes that or says he is 2nd or 3rd or whatever? Well Tiffany Allegri IS without a doubt the undisputed Queen of all the Gurls on this site. She is, and probably always will be the No. 1 Most Popular Member on AdultFriendFinder, and I am just thrilled to have her in my Network.

Yukaly Yukaly
Yukaly is an adorable petite gurl from Japan, and such a sweetie to chat with. I find she is beautiful and I am sure you will agree with me when you see her photos. Send her a nice letter after you view her profile and let her know how attractive she is, and please mention Jodie sent you.

Asissygurlfu2 Alyssa
Alyssa has everything, I mean absolutely everything going for her. Stunning looks, long legs to die for, gorgeous cock, and the most perfect ass you have ever seen. On top of that she is sweet and lovely and so much fun to talk to. And very submissive, we are getting together soon and the first thing Jodie is going to do is give her a good spanking for having a better looking ass than I do. When I do I'll be sure and get photos and post a new album!

There are many more gurls on here I am fond of and I should be green with envy because compared to them I don't stand a chance. But I luv them all and I know you will too. And remember guys, even though it may be perfectly obvious to you and to me that any gurl like these stunners is beautiful, it never hurts to tell them again, we all have insecurities and fragile egos, except maybe Tiffany, but she is royalty and knows it. And please guys, "Nice Ass" is always flattering, the Mongo "me want fuck you.." line is quite boring, so the best way to meet these girls is to be honest and complimentary, let them know you read their profile... hell just letting them know you CAN read may be a big plus. A short email saying "I found you just adorable", or "you truly are so pretty", that can really make a gurl's day, I know it does for me and I thank every one of you that has taken the time to write me.

I meant to tell you all about the fashion show and photo shoot with my new lover Tasha, she is so young and pretty and adorable... but I am out of time. Check back tomorrow for details and new photos of Tasha and I modeling some very sexy stuff.

Take care everyone, and visit all my friends and tell them Jodie says hi.

Your little slut... Jodie

pantyviews 65M

10/22/2005 2:17 am

I can't believe how many of us "girls' are out there. It would be so great to have an all "girl" get together so we can get to know each other. I'm aroused and astounded by the variety of sexy and sensual "girls."
My panties are bulging!!!!!

rm_mrfskin55 68M/61F
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10/22/2005 11:12 am

jodie--you and all the girls you recommend here look fabulous and kee p my cock constantly at attention!!

rm_chriscross6 52M
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11/1/2005 1:52 pm

How about me?????? How's my pic's?? I want to be on hear...please!


BoyBrittany 51M/51F
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11/10/2005 3:32 pm

Hell Love wonderful little group

sohot295 41M

7/5/2006 6:34 am

nice group sweets ahh xx

sohot295 41M

12/4/2006 9:46 pm

Interested in my first Shemale experience but don't know where to meet them. Need some help. Thanks i can travel to aberdeen pls any help am good looking 31 years hope i meet one xxxx

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