Shoes and Sex ... !  

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2/28/2006 8:36 am

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Shoes and Sex ... !

Hi Everyone,

Now there are two things that I certainly know something about, SHOES and SEX ! I spend a lot of time looking for both and can never seem to have enough of either one. And the search is often as exciting as actually finding what I want, wondering how some new shoes are going to look on me, how they are going to feel, how Hot they will really be when I finally get them and put them on for the first time. And the same with lovers, how they are going to look, how they are going to feel, maybe more importantly how they are going to make me feel.

So lets use some good Shoe-Shopping sense and apply it to our endless search for lovers, soul-mates, sex partners, distractions and diversions... whatever we really hope to find here or anywhere else for that matter.

No matter how gorgeous a shoe looks it will never do you much good if it doesnt fit. So start with the same rule when it comes to people. If you can be a little honest with yourself eliminate the runway models and cover girls, the gorgeous bronzed lifeguards, find someone more realistic and approachable. Unless that is really what you expect to find in a partner, it's probably just a fantasy and wasting your time, keeping you from meeting someone that you could really connect with.

Shoes travel well, relationships don't. So if you expect to fall for someone on the opposite coast or across the ocean and still make it work, trust me the only ones who will benefit from your relationship are the airlines. Shop locally and make the best of the available selection, you might be surprised what you find that you really like.

Be specific, try not to lose focus of what you are after. Some days I just shop for anything, cute little dresses, miniskirts, stockings, panties, and SHOES of course. But other times, today for example, I was just dying for new shoes, never even thought about or glanced at anything else. So if you want a playmate, a sex partner, a lovely person to share your life, a real relationship, a meaningful love affair... maybe you better narrow your focus a little. Which is it you really want? ... "Son, you better make up your Mind" -- The Loving Spoonful .

I get so many pages from guys with bylines like 'Caring sensitive person', 'Nice sincere guy', and their second sentence of our conversations is invariably 'Show me your Ass'... LOL. If shoe stores did that I would be opening a box that says "Fioni 6 inch Silver Glitter Platforms" and finding a pair of used combat boots in the box ! Wrong size too!!!

Make sure what you are getting is really what it says on the outside of the box. A photo in a profile is NOT worth a million words, a million words or even half of that and you should be getting to know someone pretty well, and a photo on the internet is not even necessarily the same person you think you are talking to, we all know that... right?

The most gorgeous heels are hardly a pleasure to wear if they are not comfortable and don't feel good on me. I have some heels I can't even walk in, 7 inch chrome spike heels with 3 inch platforms... but just gorgeous. I save them for photo shoots, nothing too sexy about falling on your cute little ass on Cam. Well maybe, if you land gracefully with your skirt up around your shoulders... but still, my favorite shoes feel great and look very Hot too. So how about also applying that shopping rule, some exotic arm-candy that could care less about you is hardly going to make you feel great inside very often, find someone good looking and sexy that is also very comfortable to be with. You're not going to know that just from a photo, going to take a little patience and some time to get to know them, but I bet it will be worth it.

I pass up a lot of shoes for various reasons, wrong color, wrong heel, wrong size. Pass up a lot of guys too, mostly for some kind of thing that feels kinda wrong. Every now and then I am tempted, with both shoes and men, to go for something I know isn't right, just because they are so gorgeous and get me so excited. But I know the best thing is just to remember what I liked so much about that 'wrong' choice, and then try and find something just as exciting that fits my other requirements too.

And then there is the 'wow' effect, totally spontaneous. Sometimes when I have a pretty good idea what I am looking for, shoes or people, doesnt matter... I find something that just knocks me out and I just have to have it, them.. whatever. Not at all what I thought I was looking for, but just so different and so perfect I can't resist and I know I am done looking, got what I came for and it was nothing like I thought it would be. That ever happen to you?

This was supposed to be about SHOES and SEX, but by now I think a lot of people are starting to understand this site is not just about sex, to me anyway. There are a lot of amazing people worth meeting, a lot of interesting people with compassion and charm and it can be a great pleasure finding new friends here even if it's not just about sex. Course the sex part is a lot of fun too !

So there you have it, Shoes and Lovers share a lot of the same rules when shopping for either one. And the only thing even better than shoes OR lovers is real friends, gawd I have been so lucky to meet so many lovely people here. Would trade ALL of my shoes and ALL of the lovers I had this year for a letter like the one I got from Tiffany this morning. I am going to post it as my own comment to this silly blog, mostly because I don't want to lose it and my email goes away after they are 60 days old. This one is a keeper, but it's not just about me, it's an example of what lovely people there are here like Tiffany who take the time and trouble to let someone know how much they care about them, and I hope you will realize how special this made me feel when I read it.

Well I got exceptionally wild last night, it was my request night in the Gender Room and on IM, dug up whatever music anyone asked for and did a ton of shows... my place looks a tornado went through, dresses, skirts, stocking, panties and SHOES all over the place ! Wonder if they will name a Tropical Storm after me next year, if so watch out for Hurricane Jodie, that's going to be a real homewrecker ! LOL

I kind of liked the music DJ stuff last night, I have a pretty expansive music collection so if there is anything you ever want to hear just let me know. Even did some redneck stuff last nite, Jerry Jeff Walker and David Allen Coe, lots of old Doors, Moody Blues, Deep Purple for Sarah... a little Motown for David, and some of my real favorites, SRV, Clapton, Duanne Allman. Maybe that should be my next career move, Cross-dressing, stripping Live Cam DJ... sound good?

Gotta run, I only decided to write today because I have a ton of other stuff I should be working on and I was putting it off. Of course there's always tomorrow for that, maybe I should fire up the Cam and have some fun. After all, I am wearing a GORGEOUS pair of 7 inch black strappy patent leather platforms, white lace top thigh-hi's and an adorable little black miniskirt with white lace frills... and who wants to work on a bright sunny almost-spring day anyway!

My very special thanks to TiffanyAnne for making my day in a big way with her amazing and sincere letter, anyone that would like to read it is Welcome to. My feelings for her are quite mutual, and if you take a look at her you will see why, if you are lucky enough to get to know her then you will REALLY understand why.

OK, start stripping before noon or get some work done ?... tough choice. Bet we all know how THAT decision is going to turn out !!! Fortunately I rarely apply my own shopping skills to any of the more important decisions in my life, which is why I have a lot of fun and don't get much other stuff done I guess... who cares.

Take care everyone, and good luck finding that new pair of shoes or the new lover that just drives you wild, they are both out there somewhere and just the right size too !

All my luv, Jodie.

CD_Jodie2 53T  
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2/28/2006 9:16 am

My lovely letter from TiffanyAnne this morning...

Date: Feb 28, 2006 12:45 AM EST
Subject: Just a quick note to say hi

Jodie you are amazing! I have very much admired your sexy flair and heart-racing beauty, but now it has reached a whole new level. Its late and I'm beyond tired, but I read as much of your Blog as possible (and thank you so much for the sweet comment on mine btw, *kiss). Your sense of humor, wit and intelligence make you even more beautiful and amazing. You ARE a wonderful girl ... I look forward to getting to know you better.

Good night and sweet dreams,



tiffanyanne_gurl 49T
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3/1/2006 10:29 am

Once again Jodie your thoughts and ideas are right on the money ... and you have such a wonderful way of communicating them. You are 100% correct, there is nothing better than a true and special friend ... i am so glad that I have found you, because I feel that we already have that type of connection.

Keep posting Jodie, and keep charming us with your wit, humor and brilliance ... and also keep dancing on your cam (we like that too!!!)

Thanks for being such a wonderful person.



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