Please Fuck me Darling - Part II  

CD_Jodie2 53T  
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1/24/2006 10:41 am

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12/28/2006 1:09 pm

Please Fuck me Darling - Part II

Hi Everyone,

Well I have been away from this site for almost a month, and I really missed it. Been very busy with other pleasant distractions, but now I am back!

I spent the last month with my girlfriend from Europe [GG] who was staying with me since Christmas. She went back home yesterday and I really miss her already, but I am also very excited about getting back on here and seeing all my friends again.

Funny thing though, after a month of 'straight' sex, which was really great, I just couldnt wait to be Jodie again. Being together with a very beautiful girl for so much time during the last 4 weeks I found myself kind of studying her, wondering how she felt during sex, when she was dressing, doing her makeup, looking great. And I started to realize the difference between fucking and getting fucked. And now more than ever what I really want is to get fucked.

You see, I feel like more than just a boy in panties. Maybe it's partly because of all the attention I get on this site, certainly part of it is the clothes, I have a wardrobe a lot of girls would be envious of. And I spend a lot of time as a girl, doing my makeup, changing outfits, shopping, on Cam, sleeping as a girl in satin and lace.

Recently most of my sexual flings have been with other girls like me, which I always enjoy. But now, more than ever, I want to be with men, want to feel like a girl, getting fucked. I want to have sex as a girl, not just DRESSED like a girl. I want to hear myself screaming and begging for more and making my lover feel so good, knowing he is only thinking of one thing, how much he wants to fuck ME.

I don't feel a man putting on a pair of panties and taking it in the ass with another man is necessarily going to make him feel very feminine. But with all the time I have spent as a girl in the last 4 or 5 months, I do feel very feminine already. All the things guys tell me when I am on Cam or in chat, all the compliments I get, sharing intimacies with the other girls. And now I want to feel those same feelings while a man takes me and makes me love to me.

I am not really a total slut, but I am not going to hold back any more when I find men I am attracted to who are nearby. And the men I am seeing now and those I am interested in all share the same thing, they know how to make me feel like a girl. I guess part of it is they don't want to spoil the 'illusion', and I work pretty hard at doing my part in that regard too. But I think there is something deeper with the nice caring men, that they want to make ME feel like a girl, they know how important that is to me and are pleased to give me that pleasure of being totally feminine.

I do realize this may seem very trivial to the more serious TG ladies in transition who live a very complex life because of their feelings. But I am not trying to be like anyone else, they have their agendas and their aspirations, and so do I. I just want to feel like a girl, look like a girl, and get fucked like a girl.

I hear the same question over and over in the Gender Room from inexperienced guys, how do I have sex with a TG... I think it is so simple: treat them like a girl and make them feel like a lady, just the exact thing I am looking for.

I don't know if I explained this very well, dumb blonde here you know! I guess you would have to walk a mile in my shoes [pick any pair!] to really understand. But I do know I am ready to open up much more sexually [no pun intended] and I can't wait.

So anyone who is serious about meeting please don't be shy. I have a few hot dates lined up for this week and already into next week, and I will share the intimate details here without a doubt. And who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and even find a nice guy who want to buy me more SHOES !

Well I can't wait to talk to all my friends and start making new ones again. And if you fall in either category I hope we can chat soon. I am going to be spending a lot of time on Cam again, have tons of great new outfits and even a real varsity Cheerleader skirt and top !

It's too early for me to get on Cam, all my mail is answered, no date tonight to get ready for. So I guess that only leaves on thing to do... SHOPPING ! See how easy it is to think like a girl ! LOL

It feels great to be back, hope everyone is well and if you missed me I'll try to make up for it in any way I can.

Take care, BYE for now.


rm_Imgame48 70M
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1/30/2006 5:07 am

Nice to have you back and still looking good as ever.

rm_jackie40503 71T
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1/31/2006 3:00 am


Sorry I haven’t been by here sooner, but have had a couple of very hectic weeks and haven’t had time for much

I totally agree with you about how nice it is to find a man who will really treat you as a lady, taking you out to dinner, drinks and then spending the entire night making love to you. I find there is nothing better then to wakeup in the morning being held by such a special man. Its very rare when you can find one that will still treat you like a woman even first thing in the morning when your looking your worst . I have managed to find one man here who treats me this way, and really look forward to getting together with him again and again and again .

Good luck in your search, hope you find that man your searching for very very soon.

Hugs Sis,

MilanLeaptBirch 52M
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2/15/2006 1:35 pm

hey want to fuck you darling would like to meet you

toon695 62M

5/8/2006 9:10 am

Hi Jodie, lovely Blog, very interesting reading, i don't doubt you could pull almost anyone of any sexual persuasion. Findng that special person, it may be a bit harder, ( ouch, bad pun, sorry) but i really hope you do. Good luck. xxxx

funseekerpa26 42M
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12/28/2006 12:52 pm

I want to thank you for what you said. I feel the same way you do. I want to find another person that wants to help me find my girl inside. I dream of being a girl and being treated as one in public and also in the bedroom. Would love to chat with you, drop me a email if you want.

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