Jodie's last Waltz  

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10/20/2005 7:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Jodie's last Waltz

To all my Friends,

I chose that 4th word carefully, thought about it a little, and yeah... it's the right word. Because even on a silly little sex site full of horny guys that just want to jerk off, I have managed to make some very wonderful friends here. NEVER expected that...

Of course I never expected this whole Jodie phenonemenon to take off like it did, in less than 21 days since showing my cute little ass on here for the first time, Jodie is now the No. 1 Most Popular Member for TV/TG/TS gurls on this site. I know that's really pretty trivial, and it won't last long, and it's also just ridiculous when you look at the rest of the gurls on here... but it did make me feel very special and I just wanted to say thank you.

I tell the other gurls it's just 'cause I am so nice to everyone... sometimes I almost believe that. But whatever it is, there's just SOMETHING ABOUT JODIE that men really like. Wow, sounds like a pretty good movie title, wonder if Carmen Diaz would like to play the role of Jodie in THAT one !!!

Everyone on here is looking for something, and it's not always what it appears on the surface. Sure, the majority of the time it's a cheap thrill. I believe I have provided a lot of those, and it's always been fun. Last night Jessica and I were trying to estimate the number of gallons of cum discharged by all the men on here just looking at us gurls...kinda funny.

Some guys want to be tougher on here than they can allow themselves to be in real life, crude remarks, obnoxious pages, call me a little slut a little cunt a filthy little whore... that's fine too. Some are young kids just so polite and adorable and with the nicest questions, that always made me feel good, these sweet young boys who liked me so much.

Some men are so charming they could get any woman or gurl on this site and they just don't realize it. An extremely nice guy yesterday told me I MADE HIS DAY just answering his page.. I couldnt believe it, he certainly made my day too, on a day when I really needed it.
My handsome tenor from Ireland made me cry telling me the words to my favorite song. My charming solier made my heart skip a beat when I saw the most lovely page any gurl could ever receive, 'May I please say Hello'. My young fireman who is so bright and so intelligent, showed me class doesn't develop just with age, you can be born with it. My gorgeous young outlaw from Liverpool with that smile that makes me weak in the knees. All those charming men from Australia. The genuinely nice guys like Larry who talk and listen to you as a person, not just a cute ass in panties. And ALL the rest, the quality of the people I have met on here is almost impossible to describe it's so amazing.

I got an e-mail with one of my most flattering comments, and the fact he took the trouble to write me and tell me made me appreciate it even more, after watching my cam he wrote "You just made a straight guy cum." Think about it... wow.
I have tried to answer every letter I could, but the volume of mail now is making that impossible. I do read every one, hope I never hurt anyone's feelings by not answering. Same with the pages, I used to get a lot, now the number is beyond any chance of accepting every one. Just watch the cam and please understand it's hard to respond to your page when I am working my ass on cam for all the guys watching.

And then there are the gurls, what a simply amazing and wonderful group of gorgeous ladies with the greatest personalities and stunning looks. I did fall in love, you know that don't you darling... the only person who ever made me nervous chatting or on cam. I would get tongue-tied, was a wreck first time she watched me on cam, used to spend hours on line each of us talking to other people and it just made me so excited to think she was right there the whole time, break up the evenings with quick messages to her "Jodie needs you...", "Jodie is in heat...", "Jodie is drunk..." I guess I should have taken the time, if I had the nerve, to tell you what I wanted to say all along, "Jodie Loves You". I was hoping we would get together in person soon, but now I am thinking maybe it's better if we never do. That way I will always have my perfect vision of how it would have been, you and I together, and nothing can ever take that aways from me.

It has been a brief but extremely exciting adventure for me, I accomplished a lot of things I never expected, but was not able to achieve what I came here to do. I have met close to 5000 people, my profile is getting over a 1000 views a day, my cam maybe more, and I have no idea what number of guys have cum for me, but it's in the 1000's. I have put a lot of me into this, all my energy, a great deal of effort, the email, the blogs, the articles, the chat, the cam... my little "JodieRama", in full xxx-rated color at a theatre near you. I have stripped over 100 times a day, I have cum on cam every night, fucked myself for total stranger's pleasure in very explicit detail. I have been every guys dream fantasy when I could, from little school gurl slut to classy hooker and every subtle variation in between. I have performed for for straight guys, bi guys, gay guys, women, couples, all ages and from places all around the world. And on cam I thought there was nothing I wouldnt do to please anybody, I dress, I strip, I cum, I fuck myself, but yesterday I found out there is one thing I will NOT do on cam. I was crying on cam, and I will never do it again.

See, I have this pretty serious crisis going on my life right now, not personal, just life altering in a very bad way. And at first as Jodie I thought I could run away from it, hide from it... which worked for a while. But somehow it chased me down and caught me, and now even Jodie feels it haunting her. So I still want to meet more of all the wonderful people out there, I still want to be nice to everyone, I desperately want to make as many men happy as is humanly possible, even in a very small way, and I just want to have fun, being whatever you want me to be. But I can't do it anymore.

I only wish there was something I could leave behind for all the wonderful people who have been so nice to me, besides tiny panties and gorgeous heels. Wish I could give you each a little part of Jodie to hang on to when you need somebody, like I needed you. Remember guys, even a little slut like me dreams about being treated like a real lady, please never forget that. And gurls, don't trust just the mirror or your eyes, the beautiful things Jodie always saw in you are really there, just believe in yourself like I always believed in you.

I have to go now. Cam's off and Jodie is crying again. It's just a stupid blog anyway. I don't know what day today is, but I do want to take a few more evenings on line to say goodbye to everyone. And maybe one final cam show, wish I had a couple hundred of you wonderful guys to fuck me for that one ...

They say the greatest trick the devil ever did was to make the world think he didn't exist. And now I think the greatest illusion Jodie ever created was to make the world feel she did exist. Thank you so much to all of you for all the fun we had, and chat, and sex, but mostly for being my friends.

I love you all. Jodie

rm_rebel0367 50M
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10/20/2005 3:01 pm

I hope you are ok jodie, and yes I will always remember you. I wish we could have met, I never saw your webcam - but that's nothing against you. I don't cyber, I prefer the real thing. You know how to get a hold of me jodie, so please keep in touch. If you are willing, I would still like to talk to you and see what happens. Take care, you are the best jodie.

rm_nje2262 55M/57F
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10/23/2005 3:49 am

Thanks Jodie.I hope things always turn out for the best. I get the feeling you deserve them to. Take care.

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