Whos Bored Like Me?  

CCcouple25m27f 37M/37F  
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1/16/2006 7:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Whos Bored Like Me?

Ever just feel so bored that absolutely nothing sounds like fun? Thats kinda how I am right now. The past few days, I have been playing around on the internet at a real interesting website. (If you email me I will tell you about it, but I wont spam it on the blog here!)

I had alot of fun "playing" on the webcam there, but I really want to get my microphone again so I can do audio as well as video.

Whats up with people? Tell me all about it. As they say, "Inquiring minds want to know" Also, if you have any anti boredom ideas.... please share!

Hugs n Gropes


rm_pplus80 56M

1/20/2006 11:12 am

Hi this is an old buddy of yours and I hope you remember me from NASCC and MCD LOL lets just, I was the man in blue LOL ;o) do you remember? WOW i like to make contact a gain with you and I hope you do too .. So drop me a line at AdultFriendFinder and I would like that web site and hope to see you again soon and happy cumming in the bedrm LOL Rob

CCcouple25m27f 37M/37F  
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1/21/2006 12:51 pm

Well I definately remember Luscious but Rob - which one are you? A pic of some kind would so help me out at the moment. It has been a while since I was on base, I am feeling a little lost.


rm_xcple02 49M/47F

2/4/2006 8:58 am

Hi Luscious you have my latino blood boiling with desire.I love your lips and I cantwait to see the rest .Will son become a gold member but if you e-mail us we can set up a chat mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And send you some pics

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