Sundays Beach Fun  

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8/7/2006 11:06 am
Sundays Beach Fun

(Just a lil after shower pic to tease the hell outta ya!)

Hello everyone!!!! We got home kinda late last night... but we did have fun!!! Cowboy and I went with goldengirl1950 to the beach and met Texysexuns, Luscious, Raspberry, Fuzzythrasher, and another gentleman whom I didnt get his Screen name!!! Another couple came down and hung out with us but I dont think that both of them are on this site... so I dont have a screen name for them either!!! Oh well its ok... we had a wonderful turnout!!!! Around 13 of us total for the afternoon and evening! I consider it a successful meet n greet since people actually showed!!! YAY!!!! For those who missed out this time, dont worry we will be trying to get something together again soon. Goldengirl and Texysexuns took some great pics (I got to play model lol) I cant wait til this weekend at Goldens place to take some more!!!! Anyways... we had fun, got naked, and generally just enjoyed the day and the conversation.

Guess thats it for now...

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