Showing some love .....  

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7/22/2006 4:51 pm

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Showing some love .....

For the hot babes at Cheetahs here in town.
(Just a jungle pic for you to enjoy!!!)

Last night Cowboy and a buddy John took me and abzymome out to the strip club "Cheetahs" which is a local strip club near our home. It was awesome! I think its freakin great when there is diversity in looks getting up on the stage! Us gals at our table were looking harder at the bare boobs then our guys were I think. LOL

As Cowboy put it, he can't take the stripper home but he can take me. I think if we had stayed a bit longer I could have gotten to take the one exotic looking gal home... she was so hott!!!! I dont normally go for the asian/polynesian look but she was adorable and sexy as hell!!!!!

On top of everything as we were walking out the door I got a few approving looks from some of the gentleman patrons. (Go Nina!!!)
At times I miss the thrill of working the bars, especially when I need to feel sexy or attractive still and dont. One things for sure... I wanna go back!!!!!!!

Tonight we are gonna drop in on a house party we were invited to. We may stay or may not depending on who else is invited. Although we are glad to meet anyone from this website, that doesnt mean we will play with anyone. There are some good meetings and some less than great meetings. I think in all our years we have only had 2 really awful meetings. So we have calmly learned to just excuse ourselves if certain folks arrive to a play party that we are at. It makes for a fun evening for others and keeps people from having hurt feelings or causing a scene.

Hope everyone is having a sexy and fun weekend.
Talk to you again soon!



7/23/2006 10:33 am

Hey there Nina. great shots. Its good to see an old friend of a friend enjoying themselves.

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