Hello Again from Nina  

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9/26/2005 11:36 pm

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Hello Again from Nina

(Me in the middle surrounded by hot chicks at Grahams!)

ok yall

Although I have been sick and generally feeling like crap, I know I have my obligation to blog about various fun stuff we do with others and ourselves. I started this, so I better follow through with it! (cracks her imaginary whip and gets to work)

So yes we made it through the storm. Our evacuation location was actually quite nice, my idea of a great home to have. I could have happily spent my days by the pool and partied in the San Antonio clubs. But in reality its good to be home. There is nothing like the place with "your stuff" in it. My bed, our computer complete with yahoo messenger!!!! (does a happy dance)

We did get to have some fun, but it kind of felt like we were teenagers again since we were staying with Cowboys grandpop. We got it on once in the pool as the sun was almost completely set and then we played some in our room. But the brass bed definately caused some concern as Pop does not need to be seeing us gettin our freak on! lol That bed is just tooo loud sometimes.

I kept thinking... Damn he is gonna open that door and have a heartattack, after all when was the last time he saw a pair of 38dds? Yes I know thats wrong, but it was a concern of mine. I did not want to be the cause of Pops heartattack or soemthing. Can you imagine having to explain to the doctor how it happened? "Well doctor, my husband and I were having ... you know ... relations and well Pop kinda walked in mid bounce and fell over in shock." We would be laughed outta the ER and who knows what else.

We were kinda sad we didnt get to play with anyone while in SA besides ourselves. We almost went to a party in Austin, but our companion was not able to go due to some issues.

oh well I guess its time to go. We will be at Paradise tomorrow night and all are welcome!

Hugs n Gropes to all
I hope my hubby doesnt get mad at me for my jokes this post!


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