The USA Patriot Act : Neo Naziism ?  

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12/13/2005 9:37 pm

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The USA Patriot Act : Neo Naziism ?

Consider This:
The USA Patriot Act that was passed by congress is not the one that was presented to the body as agreed upon by the joint House and Senate Judiciary Committee. The final bill was printed at 3am by the Government Printing Office because (they say) that there were problems with the printing software. Somehow (?) the original Act that was presented to congress by the White House, Attorney General Ashcroft's (Heinrich Himmler) version giving law enforcement sweeping power to ignore constitutional rights was "accidentally" printed instead. Members of congress received the printed version by 4am. They voted it in at 7am. How many actually read this document in its entirety before they voted it in? None according to well... ALL of them. Why is this important to us on this site you ask?
Because the Patriot Act gives federal law enforcement the ability to determine who is or is not a National Security Threat without a hearing. It gives them the ability to imprison anyone they choose in "secret prisons" without advise or representation by qualified counsel.
Immoral behavior (by what or whos standards) is considered by GWB (AH) to be one of the undelying causes of terrorist acts against the United States. Dick Cheny (Martin Borman) believes that anything other than missonary position marital sex is immoral. Yes, even though his own daughter is gay and he got political mileage out of that.
The morality issue was one of the first major platforms of the Nazi Party in 1939 Germany. Homosexuals, swingers, and anyone with a "low moral standard" were interned in the "Secret Prisons" then called work camps, later identified as "conentration Camps". Why? Because morality is subjective. Standards are inerpreted by no known guideline that is universally applicable. This means that ANYONE can be classed as such. OUCH!!!! Now they also have the ability to monitor this site and any other like it. They (Feds) can put every one of us under surveilance and subject us to the most demeaning scrutiny imagineable. When do they play this card? Whenever they need to gain control of you, thats when.

SOLUTION: Urge, no...DEMAND that your Senators and congressmen Vote AGAINST renewal of this hideous legislation. Have your city or town enact a refusal to comply ordinance as many other Cities, Towns, and Counties have done. Hold the local authorities resposible for breaches of the ordinance. Refuse. "JUST SAY NO".
Keep our ability to live free of absurd public scrutiny intact. Write letters and make phone calls. Be voiciferous and speak out. A true Patriot will toll the bell especially when the oppressors say that to do so is treason. Anarchy; the idea that each village and town will find its own level and coexist peacefully.
WATER is anarchistic. No laws. It, without forcibly resisting, resists.Water seeks its own level and is still one of the most powerful forces on earth (thats for all u Earth Firsters out there). BE LIKE WATER.
One last thought: NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOUR OPPONENT. you wont know they've struck you until the pain explodes within you.

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