Wanna Write Me A Story??  

CBabyTwo3 58F
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10/9/2005 10:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wanna Write Me A Story??

If you’d like to write me a story? That’s sweet. I love to explore a man’s creative side and I assure you, I’ll read it. BUT!! Please keep in mind that you’re writing to a BLACK woman. A brown skinned, BLACK woman and yes, that makes a difference. Considering such, keep in mind that things like a pink clitoris, silky pubic hair, rosey cheeks, and heads of hair described as long, flowing silken, tresses cascading down her back, don’t apply. *LOL* Look at my photo, Hon. And, if you’re considering being with me, write about ME. I can read a story about some man and some other woman somewhere else. Anywhere else. Hell, I write the stuff and I'm damned good, so I could read my own. And, as for shaved pubic regions? What folks do is up to them, but this black woman gets hella razor bumps from shaving. Lots of Black women do. So, I can’t visualize a fantasy YOU create if you’re talking about shaving anything here!! Like fingernails on a chalk board, my mind stops right there. I like a happy bush and, believe me, my bush is quite happy as it is. This kind of unnecessary thing is why I’m so apprehensive about dating anyone other than a strong, Black man. It's frustrating when a white male tells me color doesn’t matter, or women are all the same regardlesss of race. Doing so confirms my belief that sticking with Black men is the best thing for me. (For me, I said. I neither decide, nor speak for anyone else.) Black men know what to expect in a black woman. They know who we are, what our bodies are like, and they’re not only used to it, but damned appreciative of it. I’ve yet to have a Black man tell me to shave my pubic hair. In fact, they’re usually impressed with it and have no problems showing it. Rarely will a Black man try to make me become someone I’m not. Bottom line, men, no matter how sweetly you ask, or how gorgeous you may be... I ain’t shaving. My kitty is bathing suit trimmed, even though I can't swim a lick. And, I may french braid it, or decorate it with barrettes and cute ribbons from time to time, but shaving isn’t an option. *LOL* As for oral, the Black men I've dated loved the feel of my hair just as I loved theirs. For me, the texture and sight is one hell of a turn on. Then again, to each his/her own, but what grown man wants to look at a bare coochie anyway? That’s so pediophil-ish to me. I couldn't wait for the hair to grow in my adolescent years as that separated me from a little girl and brought me into womanhood. But, again, to each his/her own. Do your thing people, but respect that my thing isn’t necessarily the same. Hell, rarely is it even close. *sigh* Still, I'm glad as hell that I came to this site and I'm having a great time. My blogs are just a reflective side of my experiences, so enjoy and feel free to blog me back. Mutual blogging is allowed. *smile*

34andahalf4U 50M/45F

10/9/2005 4:59 pm

(him) I really liked your sense of humor, can'y wait to read some more of your stuff. And it's nice to see that someone can recognize that there are differences between the races, but is more interested in smiling about it than getting mean about it.

Fantome0 51M
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10/9/2005 5:08 pm

A comment about your shaved pussy...(just my humble opinion)
Well, some of us men like to try something diffrent sometimes, and in my case nothing "pedo there", just that when having oral sex it can go quite well if there's few or no hairs there.
I like your strong aproach, and always did like a woman that says what she wants and when.And by the way I am black, african and speak 6 languages.But I am in Europe.

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