Give Me What I Want  

CBabyTwo3 58F
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10/9/2005 11:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Give Me What I Want

If you give me what I want, how could I refuse to do the same?

Let me make it as plain as words can… This Sista wants an aggressive man. A self assured man. Someone who knows what he wants and is set on getting it. Someone who isn't intimidated by a woman with intelligence, a woman knows how to spell more than 3 words correctly, and can converse on subjects outside of sports.

I haven't dated in years and coming here kinda reminds me why I've adopted the words "NO," and "Oh, Hell No!," into my permanent vocabulary. My level of patience is nil. If you're interested (AND YOU FIT MY PROFILE PREFERENCES - as 5'5" tall, 90lbs soaking wet, and well endowed is not a willing trade off to 6'5" tall, 240lbs and well endowed), email me. But don’t tell me something silly like “you have a cute smile,” and that’s it. It's a nice compliment, but it says very little, in fact, nothing of any real relevance. Talk to me, guys! Tell me what you want. EXACTLY!! And, I’ll make it a point to let you know if you’ve got a chance of getting it. I reply promptly and to all emails. Time’s too valuable to waste. “Is you is, or is you ain’t??” ~ See, I’m not only honest, upfront, open minded, and intelligent with a great sense of humor, I’m bi-lingual. *smile*

rm_notsoold65 52M

10/9/2005 4:36 pm

hey lo , welcome to blog land the some times not so friendly site, but hey whatever, I havent dated since .........mmmmmmm when was it I got tired of being called stupid,.......oh well it was a while ago , I m not the smartest guy in the world so i wont try to wow you with my wity retorict{ dont spell to hot either} aint the sexiest man alive so I wont dangle my not so nine inches in yo face,but hey that realy is my bubble but, Im just the self appointed welcome committee to this sometimes not so friendly site so Hi, Im notsoold and Im notsogay I just come hear to hang out and play , hope you at least giggled

34andahalf4U 50M/45F

10/9/2005 5:36 pm

(him) I hope that the high number of illiterates (god, I hope I spelled that right) doesn't drive you away, CBT3. The wife and I have agreed with all you've said so far. This can be a hard place to find people to converse with on a higher level, but hang in and look around....there is some fun stuff and good people out here, too. WE'LL BE WATCHING YOU....MUUAAHHHAAAHAAHHAA

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highstepper41 60M
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10/25/2005 7:30 am

Well, It is very refreshing to see a real sista putting it down. When you make it plain, there's no room for mistakes. know, I really like that. You've stated what you want without being overly demanding. There's an art to that, and you have stroked your canvas well. You Cbaby23, we have spoken on several occasions and I have come to know you as a extremely bright, witty, humorous, passionate, graceful, and compassionate woman. Oh boy, and I haven't even begun to mention your many talents have I(I'm talking above board here for those that haven't had the pleasure of knowing the many hats she wears and wears well). Not only do you possses beauty that make a man smile just wondering, but you have an inner beauty that just gushes and burst through from you exciting smile. I wish there were more women out there like you, but then that would take away your uniqueness, wouldn't it.

Don't ever lose that edge Cbaby23.

Hope to see you soon!

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