The Party - fiction  

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The Party - fiction

“You sure you want to do this?” Jeff parked the car and leaned over to look her in the eye. Coming to this party had originally been his idea, and he didn’t want her to feel she had been railroaded into it.

She smiled at him, smoothing the long evening dress down over her legs. “Honey, let’s not pretend we don’t want to do it, just because we’re a bit nervous.”

The car beeped as the alarm went on, while they made their way up the drive to the big house. Other couples were also walking in the same direction. Jeff was unclear whether it was good form to acknowledge them or not, given the circumstances.

At the entrance a butler stood, handing out little masks to cover the eyes. Jane picked up a mask for each of them, and they put them on, as they had seen other people do. They squeezed each other’s hand for mutual support as they walked up the steps and into the massive entrance.

Their hostess, wearing a sparkly, revealing number, welcomed them cheerfully with a glass of bubbly each. They knocked it back for Dutch courage and gratefully accepted a second. “Jane! Jeff! How lovely you could make it. Now, as it’s your first time, I’ve arranged a little help for you,” and she pointed to another couple also in the hallway and wearing similar masks to theirs

“These lovely people are Peter and Mary, and they will take care of you as you get started.” The men shook hands, while the ladies kissed in greeting. Then Peter gently took Jane’s hand.

“Come with me,” he whispered. She followed him off into a side room, and saw Jeff go with Mary into a similar room on the opposite side of the hall.

Inside, it was dark, lit only by a dim standard lamp. Jane saw the door close at the other end, as someone went through to the rest of the building. She started, as a silent young man handed her and Peter a bag each. She looked up quizzically. Peter smiled.

“It’s for your dress, darling.” She looked at him in confusion. “Would you like me to undo it for you?” Embarrassed at her awkwardness, she thought of Jeff helping Mary take off her dress at this very moment.

Peter’s hand felt warm on her shoulder, as he leaned forward to whisper to her. “There’s no rush, darling. Would you like to acclimatise for a while?” He moved in towards her and put his arm around her, holding her like a lover, speaking softly to her. She turned her head towards him and he bent in to kiss her deeply.

Immediately, she felt the arousal between her legs, as this stranger confidently pushed open her lips to claim her tongue, his hand slipping down to press urgently on the small of her back and turn her towards him. She kissed him wildly back, bringing her hand up to the back of his head, twisting her fingers in his hair.

Without her even noticing, his hand came up and pulled down the zip on the back of her dress. He stepped back and used both hands to gently lift her dress off her shoulders, and drop it to the floor. The backs of his fingers brushed over the provocative lingerie bought especially for this evening, making her nipples stand out even harder.

“God, you are so sexy” he muttered, as he sank to his knees and pressed his lips to her pubic mound. His finger slipped her thong aside, as his tongue came out to explore her womanliness further. She sighed and parted her legs slightly. The pressure of his tongue on her clitoris made her moan.

A slight movement in the room caused her to open her eyes, and she realised with shock that the man handing out the bags was still there, watching them both. She shifted uncomfortably.

“Relax,” whispered Peter into her groin. “He’s going to see a lot more by the time this evening is over, I promise you.”

And maybe it was the effect of the champagne, but suddenly she allowed herself to be lulled into this fantasy-land without any further ado.

Not only did she part her legs further, to allow Peter’s tongue and finger better access to her pussy, but she brazenly kept her eyes open and watched the young man watch her as Peter expertly and rapidly brought her to orgasm.

“Oh! ... yessss .... that’s fantastic ... oh God, yes!” she moaned. The young man showed no outward reaction, except to keep his eyes locked on hers, as hers were on his.

Peter stood up and undressed himself, quickly folding his clothes into his bag. Jane retrieved her dress and did likewise with hers. They handed their bags to the silent waiter, who wrote their names on the front and then put the bags to one side. Suddenly embarrassed, Jane turned her face away from him.

They walked through the other door and into the main house. Peter lightly held her hand and pointed things out as they walked.

“If you want a drink, this is the bar. And here is the main play area,” Jane turned to see people of all shapes and sizes in their underwear or less touching each other, kissing each other in every possible orifice and ‒ in at least two cases ‒ having full blown sex on the floor, surrounded by watchers. She opened her eyes wide. Peter laughed. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it! There are plenty of private areas if you’d prefer.”

Jane couldn’t imagine wanting to have sex in public, though she found it strangely arousing to watch the other couples doing so. She could easily have got herself a drink and joined in the circle of voyeurs.

“Down there is a bit of a dungeon. Don’t go down there unless you’re already into that sort of thing,” he warned.

On they walked. The mansion was labyrinthine. He pointed out private booths containing couples and groups of people performing every variety of sex act she could imagine. One large booth seemed especially popular ‒ there was a queue to use it. By way of explanation, Peter simply pointed up to the huge screen taking up part of one wall and which was clearly broadcasting what was going on in the booth. A group of people stood mesmerised in front of the screen, feeling each other up or blowing each other off as they watched. One woman had a group of men and women licking and sucking every part of her body they could reach. She screamed loudly every time she orgasmed.

A couple of times, they saw Jeff and Mary, first together and then split up. Jane saw a gorgeous young woman come to her knees in front of her husband and start to blow him off without any preamble. Jeff smiled down at her slightly dazedly, not quite able to believe his luck.

A beautiful woman brushed her hand over Peter’s arm and asked him to go into a booth with her. He looked over at Jane, who smiled encouragingly. “Go on! I can manage on my own now, thanks,” and off she went to explore on her own.

Once alone, she found herself subject to offers from both men and women. At first she brushed them off self-consciously, but eventually she got up the courage to go into a private booth with a man and his stunning female partner. The woman watched her straddle her man and ride him hard until he came. Then the woman went down on her and licked her out while he sucked on Jane’s tits. She lost count of how many times she came.

She was beginning to really enjoy herself, no doubt helped by the alcohol and by the many compliments she received during the course of the evening. She lost count of how many men she had sex with, how many women she licked (after being frozen with fear the very first time!) by the time she saw Jeff for the second time.

In fact, it was he who saw her first, as he was publicly giving a girl a fuck doggy fashion in the main play area.

He looked up and saw on the balcony a stunning brunette bent forward and groaning with pleasure as she took it from behind whilst at the same time sucking on another man’s cock. When he realised it was Jane, he felt a surge of hardness and fucked his partner even more vigorously. God, she looked great, and she was so obviously enjoying herself. Jane, having sex in public! He could hardly believe it.

Eventually, they met up and compared notes. “Wow, isn’t this fun?” she whispered in wonderment. He grinned back at her, “You looked great back there, taking two guys at once. I was so jealous for a minute.” She blushed.

But finally, it was time to go home and get some sleep. They held hands as they walked back to their separate rooms where their clothes were stored.

The same young man was there, as Jane retrieved her bag. Again, he said nothing, but watched her intently as she dressed in front of him. Finally, she turned her back to him and asked him to zip her up. She felt her body burn as he touched her skin.

Jeff was talking to their hostess when Jane came back into the hall, assuring her of what a wonderful time they had had. And, yes, of course they would be back for the next one! They started to leave, but suddenly Jane stopped. Her hand flew to her mouth.

“I forgot something! Back in a minute,” and she flew into her changing room.

He was still there, still standing silently, ready to hand out bags as required.

Without saying a word, she came to her knees in front of him and looked into his eyes, as she undid the zip on his trousers.

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maverick1255 52M
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8/19/2006 2:25 pm

Well, now that is a party!!! Very nice, CB2!

CB_2 replies on 8/19/2006 2:45 pm:
As I wrote it, I couldn't help wondering why I don't have neighbours like this! I certainly wouldn't want to get naked with the ones I do have

economickrisis 56M

8/22/2006 2:05 am

Outstanding stuff

CB_2 replies on 8/22/2006 12:13 pm:
There's only one thing I want to be outstanding, EK, and I hope you can confirm it is/was.....

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