So British at heart...  

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7/9/2006 12:57 pm

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So British at heart...

I went to the cinema today to see Pirates: Dead Man's Chest (excellent, incidentally) with my kids. The place was absolutely heaving.

What amused me hugely, though, was how orderly and British we all were about it. No jostling or pushing in. Everyone politely waited their turn. So unFrench, really!

My husband and I once discussed moving permanently to France but decided against it, largely on the basis of simple things like the populace's total inability to queue.

I'm sorry if some of you are French, but you've got to admit it is 100% true, isn't it? I spend about one eighth of the year there every year, so I've seen a fair amount of typical behaviour. I'm not basing my comment on 2 weeks' holiday there once, five years ago.

Anyway, back to the cinema experience...

Of course, being in the UK, with this massive crowd waiting to see a big opener, how many staff did they have at the huge refreshments kiosk?

Of course - a grand total of 2.

Both of whom had apparently been trained by a sloth.

But good old British spirit took charge, and we patient customers not only waited in line but we even organised ourselves without prompting into a giant joint queue along the centre, so that the people at the front of the line could simply move to the next available space as it became free (approximately once every 10 minutes).

And of course, we stood well back to offer suitable privacy to those making their purchases. Such old-world courtesy!

Anyway, must rush to post this, because then I've got a new story to put up. I'm only telling you this to give Mav time to plan his cold shower breaks...


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maverick1255 52M
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7/9/2006 8:28 pm

Yea, we have that type of management style over here, too. The theater is packed, Friday night, opening night - and they have 2 ticket takers!! The only saving grace was the auto ticket machines!! We Americans queue pretty well, must be our ancestry.

Oh, so kind - to be so cruel!!!!!!

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