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Office Work - fiction

It was crowded at the bar, as Mandy moved forwards to get herself a fresh drink. Another girl touched her arm and leaned forwards to shout into her ear above the music.

“Hi there ‒ it’s Mandy, isn’t it?” she nodded in reply, failing to fit a name to the Australian accent. “Michaela. I work for Richard. Is he here?” Mandy nodded over to the other side of the room. Michaela followed with her eyes but shook her head, unable to see him.

“See the curly-haired blonde snogging in the corner?” Michaela nodded. “Trust me, those are Richard’s hands up her skirt, flashing her bum to the world”. She grinned as she took her drink and signalled for Michaela to follow her back to the table.

“Now I’m well pissed off”, harrumphed the Australian as she flopped in the chair. Mandy looked questioningly at her as she took a sip.

“Well, if Richard’s unavailable because he’s being faithful to you, that’s cool. But to know he’s turned me down when you guys clearly have an open relationship, I’ve got to admit, that does nothing for my pride”. Michaela certainly did look seriously pissed off.

“Don’t take it personally. He never gets it on with anyone from the office. Too complicated. It’s not a statement on whether or not he thinks you’re hot”. She looked Michaela over appraisingly. “I’m sure you’d be in his hot category”.

She paused to take another drink. “You’d be in mine, anyway”.

“Cheers for the ego-boost, mate”. Michaela raised her glass in a toast. “I’ll drink to that”. She leaned forward conspiratorially. “So, do you have rules about getting involved with anyone from Richard’s office?” Mandy shook her head with a grin. She’d been thinking about finding a man later, but was open to other offers.

They enjoyed the rest of the evening, drinking, talking and flirting with the various guys who landed at their table in search of a dance. Most of the time they chose to dance with each other, each taking turns to wiggle her bottom provocatively into the other’s groin, enjoying the intrigued reaction from the men milling around them.

The music suddenly changed from a crowd anthem to a slow dance. Michaela twirled round towards Mandy and put her arms around her neck. “Wanna smooch?”

“Mmmm, that would be nice”. She put her hands on Michaela’s hips and stroked her buttocks gently, fingers not quite reaching up between Michaela’s legs, but so invitingly close. Nice arse, nice body in general. Michaela rested her head on Mandy’s neck, occasionally kissing it lightly, sometimes just touching the tip of her tongue to Mandy’s skin. The sensation was delicious. Mandy could hardly breathe.

A few moments later, she flicked her tongue into the other girl’s ear, moving her hands around and up under her t-shirt, lightly brushing Michaela’s erect nipples with both thumbs. Michaela groaned quietly into her neck. “Fuck, that’s good”.

Suddenly, she moved her hands up to twist her fingers into Mandy’s hair and French-kissed her urgently, right there in the middle of the dance floor.

One hand cupping a breast under the t-shirt, Mandy’s other hand pushed into the small of Michaela’s back, pulling them closer together as they kissed, the touch of their tongues creating sparks of electricity, liquefying them both between the legs. Mandy was desperate to feel Michaela’s mouth exploring her body.

She pulled away and grabbed Michaela by the wrist. “We’ve got to go. I want to have you”, she muttered thickly. They fled for the entrance, breathlessly waving down a black cab. All the way home, they kissed and fondled each other, pulling up t-shirts to caress and kiss each other’s breasts.

Only her fear that the taxi driver might crash his cab in excitement stopped Mandy from pulling off Michaela’s panties and going down on her there and then. Instead, she whispered in her ear all the things she was going to do to her once they got past the front door, as they groped and groaned on the back seat of the cab. The excitement was unbearable.

The driver waved away Michaela’s money. “Girls, I feel I should be paying you for that level of entertainment. You’ve made my night. I can see you can’t hardly keep your hands off each other, so get yourselves indoors and get down to something really dirty”, and off he drove, leaving them giggling at the door as Mandy tried to open up. As she fumbled with the key, Michaela reached up from behind her, rubbing her tits and kissing all the way down her spine.

“I’m going to rub my soaking wet panties in your face when we get in, so you can see how wet you’ve got me”, she murmured provocatively.

“Shut the fuck up, I can’t get this door open!” Mandy stamped her foot in frustration, and suddenly the key slipped in. The two of them fell through the door and slammed it shut behind them.

True to her word, Michaela was out of her underwear in a flash, holding it right up at Mandy’s face. “Taste it, baby, then come down and lap it up from the source”. Mandy obediently flicked her tongue over the fabric, all the while grinning at Michaela, then flung the pants over her shoulder.

“Not good enough. I want the real thing”, and she dragged the other girl onto the couch in the living room, peeling off her clothes as they went. Laid on her back, wearing nothing but her stockings and high heels, one leg flung over the back of the sofa, Mandy gazed down on Michaela’s flushed and throbbing pussy.

Using her thumbs to part Michaela’s lips, she plunged her tongue inside her pussy and then out again, to flick it around her clitoris, again and again. Michaela groaned and shifted position so Mandy could get better access. Then Mandy knocked her legs off the couch onto the floor, and pushed her over onto her front, so she was kneeling at the sofa.

Again using her thumbs, she parted the buttock cheeks and ran her tongue down the Australian girl’s arse, stopping awhile to tongue her hole, before flicking her pointed tongue back upwards. She felt a shudder from the other woman and grinned ‒ she knew exactly how good that felt! She felt wetter than ever between her legs.

“Mandy, mate” panted Michaela, “this isn’t right. It’s not what I want at all”. Mandy looked up in surprise ‒ it had seemed to her this was exactly what Michaela had been wanting all night.

Michaela winked and grinned. “It’s not what I want at all ‒ I want to be sucking you off, girl, not the other way round. Well, okay” she added, “not that I mind you doing me, but I want in on the action as well.” And she rearranged them so they could both lick and kiss and suck to their hearts’ content, rolling around on the floor.

Which was exactly how Richard found them when he walked in some time later. He grinned as he sat down to enjoy the floor show, but his smile faltered a few moments later when he saw who Mandy was writhing around with.

“Hi Rich,” waved Michaela, extracting her face from Mandy’s pussy. “Don’t worry ‒ I know you have rules about not fraternising with the staff.” She grinned. “I have a plan ‒ can you get me a piece of paper and a pen?” and she promptly disappeared back to run her tongue along Mandy’s rear, causing her to moan loudly.

When Richard returned, Michaela was on all fours, with Mandy on the floor beneath her pussy, gripping her buttocks as she licked her out. Michaela took the pen and paper from Richard and unsteadily began to write. He read it upside down.

Dear All

Have decided I can’t stand it any longer and am going to waitress for a few weeks before I go back to Oz at the end of next month. Send my money on when you can.

Luv Michaela

She flung pen and paper back at him as her eyes began to glaze over. She was clearly on the verge of exploding. “Take it to the office for me on Monday, will you, Rich?” He nodded with a smile as she started to grunt and push her hips down into Mandy’s face. “Ah, fuck, Mandy, that’s good … ohh just there … aaaaaahhhhh!”

A few seconds later, she rolled over onto her side and then suddenly looked up at Richard. “Stop grinning over there and get yer kit off, mate. You’re not my boss any more, and you’re next for the Michaela special”. He was more than happy to oblige.

Sometimes, losing a member of staff can be a pretty positive step, and this was clearly one of those times.

Blogito ergo sum.

maverick1255 52M
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7/23/2006 8:09 pm

Hmmmmm, more of a Clitical territory!

Maybe the male fans a scared to post!

another fine example. Thanks CB2

CB_2 replies on 7/24/2006 6:27 am:
Aaahh - hence no previous comments on this story! I'd have thought it would be quite appealing to most male readers, given its theme. Well, you learn something new every day - thanks Mav

warmandsexy52 65M
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7/30/2006 12:00 pm

A cabbie letting them off the fare? Last time I came across that he had a camera in the back of his cab and the movie ended up online.

Nice story! I thought fraternisation rules were about getting caught .... NOT!

warm xx

CB_2 replies on 7/30/2006 1:44 pm:
Actually, this is the only M&R story which is based partly on the real experience of a friend of mine and her first lesbian experience - the only bit of it which is true is the cab drive!!

CB_2 replies on 7/30/2006 1:46 pm:
Oh, and Richard is the boss. I visualise him as a non-stuffy lawyer, I think. So he makes the non-fraternisation rules!

freewhisper69 47M

9/18/2006 9:09 am

Well Considering, I'm male... and I liked it.


CB_2 replies on 9/18/2006 10:47 am:
I'm glad you did, Freewhisper. And call me CB2, like my other friends do.

dgetrcnbdu 106M

2/8/2007 2:47 pm

mmmmm that's fucking hot!!! I want her to rub her wt panties in my face

CB_2 replies on 2/8/2007 2:53 pm:
So did I when I wrote it

rm_sproket1969 59M

2/12/2007 2:50 pm

Hi CB2, Brilliant again. Love the stuff you do.

CB_2 replies on 2/12/2007 3:16 pm:
Thank you! But I wouldn't like you to think I write only girl-girl stuff...some of it is a lot more scary than that.

rm_sproket1969 59M

2/19/2007 3:36 pm

Ohh I know! I've read "Peter" Your dark side I think. Scares me but I like a bit of fear xx

CB_2 replies on 2/19/2007 4:35 pm:
So do I

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