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8/13/2006 10:29 am

Panning for gold and dollars is fun and fascinating.I have been interested in gold hunting for many years.It's a hobby that cost as much as you have to spare,you can start with a pan and few hand tools for moving dirt to dredging equipment that floats on the river.I have found a few pickers over the years ( nuggets ) they were not huge,but I found satisfaction on my discovery. Gold, right now is worth about 480.00 an oz. on the market.In Australia, one of the largest nuggets was found to date. It broke the wagon wheel of a man going across country.Gold is beautiful in nature as it is on a beautiful woman.Gold is the heaviest metal and settles on top of bed rock and in pockets behind large boulders that divert the oncoming current of the river.After you pan and dig for a while its always nice to pay homage to your girl for awhile,that way neither of you will come home empty handed.

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