Car story  

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9/2/2006 1:11 pm
Car story

I think it was two summers ago a buddy of mine volunteered his valuable time to help me replace my A/C hose system in my car.While doing the task he pulled out my drainage hose to get to a fitting that required tightening or all of the freon would be lost.Well we tried to get this line back in and to no avail it would not seat.

So when the monsoon season hits here in Phoenix,which appears to last longer and longer each year,the humidity level goes through the roof.
The water that normally drains out from your a/c unit into the street now drips into my car and wets the carpet on the passenger side of my car.Raising the humidity level to broil.

I watch in amazement as my friends ride with me and slowly cook along with me,and they usually seem to be looking for something to put under their feet to avoid wading in my small lake.Riding with me is like riding around in Minn.during the summertime with the windows down and that is with the a/c going.

I have talked to several mechanics and none could..or would help me,I am in sales and I am in my car way to often,so if there is any one out there in television land that has any suggestions.Please write on !!

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