Eyes are to die for  

C-Man99 41M
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4/25/2006 5:53 pm
Eyes are to die for

Come one come all see the man locked in the cage. Watch how he responds as a female walks by always looking, checking out the body, and thinking if she would only bend over for me. Every man likes to think he is the gods gift to women. Hahaha, well I'm one of these animals and I think of myself as a little fish in a big pond, humbled by the experiences of my past.

When I look at a woman, the first thing I'm looking at is her eyes. If she can capture my interest with her eyes then I am inclined to approach her. The eyes lead us and show us the way, they are the most striking feature on a womans body. Sure you have the men that love the breasts, ass, and legs, but if you give me a woman with character in her eyes then I am enraptured.

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