The Olympics - Originally  

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The Olympics - Originally

So, I've been making my (much delayed) rounds of my favorite listed bloggers and have seen some piqued interest in the Winter Olympic games. Biathlon is my favorite by the way. Bourne of my teen years in Maine, hunting during the decidedly long winters - but that's a story for another time.

Now, please don't think It's my intention to diminish the Winter games here. I enjoy watching a great number of them actually - both during the Olympic year and between. Awe inspiring sports all, presenting the very best of athletes. I just think we may, as a society, have forgotten the roots of the Olympics.

Let me just turn the dial on the "Way Back" machine and lets explore the origins for a time shall we?

The Olympics, originally, were played to test a sovereign nations champion against those of it's rival nations - in events military.

Weapons events; A soldiers acumen with various implements of warfare.

Throwing a spear for distance and accuracy - The Javelin throw.

Throwing a blunt object for distance and accuracy - Shot-put, discus, hammer-throw.

Brute strength events like wrestling and lifting great weight.

Navigating a battlefield: Distance running, sprinting, jumping for distance and height, navigating obstacles while running - hurdles... and did you know that the relay tested a team of couriers? The baton has since replaced the scroll containing the commanders orders, strategy and intelligence.

Agility and refined application of strength - The gymnastics events are fine examples here.

These are just a few of the examples that a "purist" like me can point to and say: "Look! There's what the heroes and champions did on Mount Olympus!"

For me, the winter games (with the possible exception of the biathlon), simply hold no *Olympic* allure for me. Lets face it, skates of any kind are not standard issue in any military in the world (as far as I'm aware). Skis and rifles are. In fact, many militaries take great strides in training their charges in their use in cold weather battle.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that except for their entertainment value - which admittedly is enormous - and potential to generate vast amounts of revenue for the host community, the winter games are really just a way to fill the time gaps in the Olympic year.

Just my own opinion here. And I WILL be watching the games regardless!

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