Our first time...  

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Our first time...

Standard Disclaimer

The scenes you are about to view (read) are real. They contain explicit adult content and are meant for mature audiences only. Parental discretion is advised. May cause fatigue, swelling, puffy cheeks, pimples and/or blackheads, weak knees, heaving breasts, heart palpatations, oral fixations and hair loss. Take only as directed. Then take some more. Ok, just a little more. Do not operate heavy machinery after reading this. Not a feminine hygiene product. Not intended for rectal insertion (unless that's the way you roll). If ingested, do not induce vomitting (those 12 Mai Tai's should take care of that). If symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, open the yellow pages to "Escorts" and call the first number listed immediately.

And with the completion of the standard disclaimer... we continue with your scheduled program, already in progress...

A day like any other. Working out in the Salt Lake City area all day, putting out fires and catching hackers. Decided I'd pay a visit to the "culture club" and chat up that REALLY cute dancer I met the night before. She's about 4'11", muscular and athletic - Kind of have to be to do all those gymnastic moves on a brass pole huh?. Sweetest smile and sparkling light brown eyes a man can get lost in.

So quitting time rolls around and I'm on my way to my rental when the cell phone rings. It's Roxy, another of the Culture Club's fine entertainers... "Me and Morgan want to take you dancing tonight." she says. Wheels start spinning in my head. Could it be that at long last, my fantasy of having 2 women at once will be fulfilled tonight? Hmmm. Probably not but hell, why turn your back on even the chance? Besides, it's not every DECADE I have the opportunity to be seen with TWO great looking women!

With tires squeeling, breaking speed laws at every opportunity, I'm heading back to my hotel room for a quick shower and shave. I have no clue what kind of club this is we're going to so I call Roxy to see what I should wear. "We'll meet you there and get you dressed up"... UHHHHhhhh. What do you say to that???

You know what kinds of thoughts are racing through my head now right? Uh huh...

They arrived just as I got out of the shower. Both properly and perfectly fluffed and buffed. My heart is doing tripple time as they lay out an all black ("...as punked out as we can make it"...) outfit. But they are still dressed... Alas, my fantasy is not to be this night... that's ok. I'm on the town tonight with a pair of hotties and I'll take it!

It's to be a rave club (or as rave as you can get in Utah...) Now, I'm not much of a dancer and electronica really doesn't do it for me but the ladies kept me very well occupied, dancing most seductively with each other, introducing me around to thier friends, drinking and talking. Roxy took a break to go talk with one of her friends leaving Morgan and I alone to our own devices. To this day, I still don't know how this happened... within about 5 minutes, she's on my lap, squirming, groping, and writhing about... Tongue kissing me like I had candy down my throat.

So the bouncer has escorted us out the door... Appearantly there's some law in Utah against foreplay in public

A quick call to Roxy - who by this time is "hooked up" in stellar fashion - and the two of us are headed to my room. My excitement was obvious, and none too embarrassing walking past the night clerk at the hotel. Only 12 steps and a scowl to the elevator. I'm pretty sure that's where I lost my shoes... By the time we reach my floor, Morgan is down to her thongs and bra, me with my trousers around my knees, hobbling down the hall.
Well, actually, I'm being "led" down the hall, like a dog on a "leash" if you catch the allusion.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to get a key card inserted while YOUR inserted in anothers mouth? I swear I though she was going to suck my underware up my ass and out my dick! OK, that was a bit crude but DAMN!

Once the door was finally opened, closed and locked, we bolted for the bed. No fights for the remote control, no scurries to flip off the lights... Not even so much as a shower. Cover spread tossed into the corner... what was left of our clothes in another.

Within mere seconds, I'm nestled between inviting thighs, tongue bathing her little nub, wondering just how it is she can keep from gagging she has me so deep. Minutes pass like hours - days. I hear her begin to moan, she heaves her hips thrusting onto my tongue. And then her signature cry's of "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" Pleased with my own performance, I redouble my efforts. "I'M CUMMING!!!!!" she screams. At the very peak of her volume. And cum she did... so long I thought she'd suffocate holding her breath.

"Oh god put it in NOW"... who am I to disagree? A quick search for the condoms and I'm on top of her, entering her, trying desperately to get my whole being inside her. I'm thinking of baseball stats, mom's apple pie, anything to keep the inevitable from happening too quickly. It's no use... Nothing keeps me from falling deep into the blissful abyse that is her. We change positions, her on top, spooned, half off the bed, me from behind, holding tight to her hips... and finally, days, weeks, MONTHS after entering her, I cum. and again, her signature crys as she joins me.

Sweaty and spent, we lay together, I still inside her heaven and sleep the sleep of satisfaction. For about 15 minutes... but that's another story!

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