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So - the long awaited night arrived - AT LONG LAST!!!. The Bunny and I are sitting on the hotel bar patio, getting ourselves good and lubricated for a potential trip to the "Culture Club" (Which never actually transpired but that's food for another blog there ), talking and laughing and enjoying each others company. And all of a sudden, as often happens to me, a random synapsis fired and I caught a memory of a very good friend from a few years back. Jodi.

I think I know what was going on... I was enjoying myself with the conversation and banter... the flirts and occasional sly gazes, the Bunz said something that set in motion that cascade of old pleasant memories and I figured I'd relate some of those here.

Jodi worked as a contractor at my facility. Her desk sat right next to mine so, during those slow moments between crisis, we'd have these long chats, joke and laugh about the sheer stupidity we faced daily at work.

She was a LOT like I used to be, back in those days. We had a 110% intollerance for stupidity. Neither of us could accept failure, from those we worked with, the people we dealt with, and especially ourselves.

There would be days when nothing went right. It seemed like the entire world was bent on serving her a steaming plate of dog shit and no matter what she did or said... That plate just kept on steaming... And the girl would get PISSED. I'm talking mother lion protecting her cubs, pissed. Often to the point of lobbing large metal objects across the office.

Woe and betide the unfortunate fool that dared to step within range of her in these moods and many a dent in the metal filing cabinets can be attributed to yon lioness. It was actually thrilling sometimes to watch her put the smack-down on an errant passing Marine.

It was on these kinds of days, being the leader of this particular team and charged with keeping the peace (eg, reducing the budgetary increases incurred having to constantly replace office furniture) and be the "daddy"... Jodi and I would have to take an extended breakfast at General Java's or lunch at the Officers Club and work it all out - talk her down from the ledge as it were.

I found the best way to get her BP below 250/120 was to flirt with her. Now keep in mind, at the time I was still the dedicated and faithful husband... and she, most definitely was the same with her husband... But we'd just flirt with each other and laugh.

On more than one occasion, we'd actually joked about getting my wife and her husband together so Jodi and I could do our thing. Never happened. Too bad too. Her Husband, last I heard, has 1 foot in the grave and the other in a puddle of oil. And me, well... I guess we all know that nut-roll.

hehehe He said nut...

Well thats' Jodi. What a sweetheart. I'm sure I'll blog at greater length another time. There's a lot of her I'll want to get out...


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