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Suitengu. The Japanese child god of the sea. He (not that I can tell at this young age) was hatched some time around 3 June of this year, ironically during the disease outbreak early last month.

There is a marked lack of any useful information but what I've gathered so far; Suitengu is the "Water God", "Child God of the Sea" and or "The God/Goddess of easy childbirth".

There is a shrine in downtown Tokyo to Suitengu and is the patron of several festivals in Japan. One would think such a popular God would be better published but alas...

So, little Suitengu is just over an inch long and has started to develop a pale yellow color pattern. It will be months yet before his color and pattern begin to solidify - Young koi are notorious for changing, much like an infants eye color changes over time.

Oh... and a pig? Yuh! Thing eats more that me!

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awww lookit my babyfish...hes so...chubby!

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FEED me Seymore!

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