Bugs in the fast lane  

ByteChaser2 54M
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2/1/2006 7:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bugs in the fast lane

And other assorted observations...

Ok, so I'm driving to San Diego for meetings. I got my power suit on, even wearing a tie - for the second time since my Marine Corps days - I'm driving my 'Stang (at somewhere between 80 and Mach 2) and watching the southern California landscape whiz by in a semi-conscious blur. And wouldn't you know...

Just as I start up a reasonably steep hill, some jerk-off in a VW Beetle decides the fast lane (the one I'm in, given I'm going fast) is the one he needs to be in as well.

I sometimes wonder why it is that people driving little cars, with engines only marginally larger than your basic ride-on lawn mower and certainly not capable of accelerating (much less maintaining a decent speed) uphill, feel it necessary to drive in the fast lane...

Anyway... I slip on my "jet jockey" persona, jink and jive through the crowd of beemers, mercs and vulva's - and our booger eatin' moron in the Vee-Dub - And break out of the vanguard. Back to speed, back on course.

And wouldn't ya know... on the next hill... one of those hybrids in the fast lane... Uhhnnnnnn.

And so it went for the entire hour and a half drive to Coronodo Island.

The guy I was to meet with decided that he had better things to do... and apparently doesn't answer his phone (or listen to voice mail or read e-mail and text messages). So here I am, decked out in my brand new suit and tie, ready to bring truth and justice to my customer... and dick-noid doesn't show...

Yeah. I'm now sitting in the Scarlet Harlot, doing my breathing exercises (in for one, hold for two, out for four) and praying for civilization to just go ahead with it's implosion... just get it over with already. A kinda cute woman sailor - an MP - rapped on the window, asked if I was ok and complimented me on my license plate. (1NA BYTE remember?).

A few minutes of pleasant conversation (I'm sure she was trying to decided if I needed an ambulance throughout) and I'm back on the 15 North, doing battle with traffic but oddly in a pretty calm mood.

Ok, so it wasn't a complete loss. I suppose civilization can hold off on it's collapse for a couple more weeks

digdug41 50M

2/1/2006 5:05 pm

hey byte I can only imagine what traffic is like there in california here in new york its bad but it would be much worse with out the mass transit system sorry you missed your appointment.

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rm_sj365 56F
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2/1/2006 9:05 pm

yup... i think it can hold on for a couple more weeks...maybe..possibly...it might help if you slowed down a lil tho. just a thought

TabithaElectra79 39F

2/2/2006 1:25 am

Can you take me out for a drive with you sometime!

tillerbabe 57F

2/2/2006 1:32 am

I once went on date with a penguin drivng a RED Mustang!....
(Youhave to dig deep for this one!)

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

2/2/2006 3:53 am

silky lives in the sticks
whats traffic

caressmewell 54F

2/2/2006 7:37 am

Grins at SJ's comment.

I dislike the slow ones myself

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:12 pm

Hey Digs - I'd have taken the amtrak... but the closest station is about half way - and mostly on surface streets. I don't mind the drive so much anyway. Least ways I can have a smoke and listen to my own music on the way

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:13 pm

lol Katey - Well, ya can't very well shoot em... Might as well love em

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:15 pm

Sj - dear... In southern California, on the freeway, if your not keeping up with traffic, your a bloody spot on a grill... 80 around here is whats expected (demanded if you will) on the freeway!

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:19 pm

Tabitha, I would... but it's gonna take a good bit of doing to get the Harlot across the pond. Unless, of course, your planning a holiday over on this side of the world..

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:21 pm

Tiller - hmm... dare I explore this factoid? Penguins and red mustangs...

<<-- Rushing off to the tiller blog archive

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:25 pm

Silky - so... lets see if I can put it in perspective for ya.

A family reunion where EVERY single member of your family, all of your neighbors' families, every person in your town (and their families), and those towns within say 75 miles, ALL running around in circles in your back yard...

THATS traffic

ByteChaser2 54M

2/2/2006 4:27 pm

Caressme - I don't so much dislike them as much as outright wish them ill - but only if they have the audacity to pull in front of me

FeistySyn 53F

2/2/2006 8:49 pm

Oh please, oh please come experience winter driving in Arizona ... when every person over the age of 65 has come here to escape the wicked weather back "home" ... fast lane? what the fuck is that... carpool lane?... for 2 or more during RUSH hour only (I fucking WISH), we call it the Old Pool Lane here, every damn car is driven at exactly 55 mph or LESS by some blue or white haired octegenarian, even in areas where the speed limit is 65 mph... and hey, forget about passing on the right in the "fast" line, because some other old fart is already there in his gas guzzling American made beast... tooling along with his out of state plates and registration so he/she can make sure to contribute nothing to maintain our lovely roads and freeways ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

(sorry... can you tell I drive in rush hour traffic every day? )

Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

FeistySyn 53F

2/2/2006 8:52 pm

P.S. I have a total fetish for well dressed, well groomed men... I do hope you took a pic of you in that tie? not that you don't look great nekkie

Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

ByteChaser2 54M

2/3/2006 2:23 pm

Coat and tie fetish eh? It sure it beats the hell out of testicular shocks and blood letting!

I'll see what I can do Syn

ByteChaser2 54M

2/3/2006 4:18 pm

huh... looks like a reply got eaten...

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