And now, Turn out the lights... the party  

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6/21/2005 7:16 am

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And now, Turn out the lights... the party

2 weeks of peace and solitude... 14 days of privacy, comraderie, quiet introspection and unmolested morning constitutionals. Weeks of making new friends and finding old friends... All over but for the shouting. (Oh yeah, there was some shouting - more on that later).

It's good to see my kids again, even if thier faces were burried in their cell phones for the entire 2 hour trip home from the airport. And the dog went right out of her mind from the second we pulled up into the driveway! I swear, she actually did a summersault out the door to go slather lovin on her kids.

I did get an appreciative look though walking through the door. Carpets vacumed, clothes washed, everything dusted and cleaned... I figured the least I could do was give "Penny" a day of rest before she goes back to her daily grind. I know she'll do the cleaning routine after me anyway - it's never "good" enough for her - but it's the thought that counts right?

And now the shouting... Oh, ok... I'm exagerating just a tinkle... More like one of our typical arguments, only a decible or two lower than usual. There were 7 people with accompanying luggage to cart home from LAX so, I called on my neice to help me truckster them all back to the respective homefronts.

Lets call her "M", this neice of mine...

We decided to take the mountain pass between I-5 and I-15 to get to the airport. This is one hell of a beautiful trip in the daytime, assuming you have the fortitude to drive a twisting, two lane street past some of the most dangerous and precipitously high canyons in the southern part of the state. No guard rails on some turns, a good 800-1000 feet drop-offs... Takes a brave driver is all I can say...

Anyway, just as we were coming out of the worst of it, M managed to run over a rock slide, puncturing a tire. No big deal, she handled the blow-out with amazing skill and presence of mind. As she's only got one of those toy tire spares, She followed me in to the next town, we got the blow-out relaced and continued on our merry way.

And wouldn't you know... Upon hearing of the flat - and subsequent new tire - I get the "So how much did it cost?" routine... as though I'd just spent a grand putting all new rubber under M's car. "A hundred or so..." I replied, "But you'd have to ask M, she paid for it."

Uh-huh... yes friends and neighbors. Suddenly the discussion morphed from *Your always spending too much money* to *you inconsiderate bastard! Why didn't YOU pay for it!*

I just can't catch a break sometimes.

Someone out there, I'm sure, will have a wonderful day. Do me a favor and have one for me too!

pussinboots4u 51M/49F

6/21/2005 7:44 am

That really sucks! Hope you find a way to have a wonderful day!

Lapkin4u 43F

6/21/2005 8:20 am

I will have a great day today and tomorrow, my Mom will be here yeah! As for you, if I was even close to your vicinity I would make sure you had a great day everyday! *WINK* *WINK* For now all I can do is send you hugs and kisses, and all my love! Oh! and breathe, just breathe.
xoxoxoxoxoxo Luvs ya babe!

ByteChaser2 54M

6/21/2005 8:46 am

pussinboots4u - It's already looking up. The daughter just came down to my office and gave pops a big ol' hug. I think she could tell I needed one just then

Oh and the quail are back!

ByteChaser2 54M

6/21/2005 8:48 am

cumtounge44 Hangin' in man...

In the lotus, chanting my mantra... goooooozfrabba goooooozfrabba

ByteChaser2 54M

6/21/2005 8:49 am

Lapkin4u - Winks and nods hun. Get yer ass out here QUICK!


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