The Repair Man  

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The Repair Man

Joan was woken up by herself. Two playful fingers had wandered and found her pussy wet from a nightful of exciting dreams. She had masturbated, fingering herself to three satisfying orgasms, before she had got up to go to work.

She looked at her watch. Well, she liked to keep fit and had an exercise ball in the corner of her bedroom to tone herself on. There would only be time for a brief workout, but that would have to do. Better fifteen minutes late for work than starting to get saggy, specially now that she had turned thirty.

She worked out on the ball naked, feeling the heat in her body as her movements woke her lazy muscles. She took a pride in her shapely body. At work, men turned into drooling idiots when she walked up the corridor. Willing to do anything in the world just for the privilege of fucking her. That made work a lot easier. Men were such slaves to their dicks, it made her laugh.

The mood of her moment was broken by the door bell.

She wrapped her kimono dressing gown round her naked body, drew the belt together and opened the door.

"Hi," said the electrician. "I'm late - I know."

"Hey," she said smiling. "I don't mind."

He smiled, too. He was a good-looking guy. Dark, slim and fit - exactly her type.

”I got a call about a water heater?”

"Ah yeah, “ Now she remembered. Her flatmate Leah had made an appointment for the repair man to call and Joan had agreed to stay in as long as he came first thing in the morning .

“I’ts in this hall cupboard” she said , opening the door and turning on the light.

“Am I keeping you back from work?, asked the electrician

"No, no," Joan said. "I’m on holiday today."

She was amazed at what she had just said.
“Excuse me a moment “ She went into her room , closed the door and called her work.

“Hi, Angus? I need a morning off at short notice. Our water heater has exploded and the whole flat is flooded. I should be in for lunchtime”

Her boss had been sympathetic and even suggested she take the whole day if she needed it.

She returned to the hall, feeling she had time on her hands and a wicked sense of adventure stirred her.

The electrician was on a short ladder with a torch. The sound of her approach made him turn and look at her for a moment. Her kimono revealed her long, slender legs - and her beautiful, shapely breasts. He took a deep breath.

"It’s the solenoid he said , I can fix it but it may take a couple of hours”.

“OK. Would you like a drink " she said.

"Yes please”.

“What would you like ?”

“Tea or coffee would be great”

“How about whisky?”

“Excuse me?”

I really feel like a whisky. Will you join me?”

“Why not”, he grinned.

Minutes later they sat on the couch together drinking. For a while they made small talk and flirted until he put his glass down noisily on the coffee table.

“Lady , I gotta say I’ve been an electrician for fifteen years now and this kind of scene always ends in the same way. I got a family that needs pay cheques coming in and another appointment in an hour so lets get started and not mess about”.

His directness completely spoilt her mood. “Well!” she mananged to say.

“Well , nothing!. Now come over here," he ordered.

"But, I thought..." Joan protested, confused.

"Shut up” he snarled.

Hesitantly, Joan moved closer.

"Come on," he said impatiently taking her shoulders and pushing her down onto the couch. "Lie down. On your back."

He's gotta be kidding, Joan thought, Either he’s very assertive or a mainiac. She looked at him again: She lay down and made herself comfortable.

"Show me your pussy," he whispered.

Joan didn't react, but then she felt his hands softly parting her kimono grabbing her thighs and spreading her legs apart.

He panted.

"Masturbate for me," he ordered. "I want to watch."

Shamelessly Joan spread her legs before his eyes. And slowly she began caressing herself: Rhythmically, she stroked her labia up and down, slid a finger in and out of her pussy and rubbed her little clit, making it swell and harden.

"Yeah," he whispered hoarsely. He had got up and now stood massaging his cock though his overalls. "Grab your tits."

Sighing deeply, Joan slipped her left breast out of the kimono. Still masturbating with one hand, she grabbed her breast with the other, kneading it and pinching her nipple.

She noted that she wasn't at all self-conscious. This big, man was talking so dirty to her He undressed before her, his hard cock stood out straight. It was thick and wide, and his swelling balls were covered with a thick layer of blonde hairs. Now he straddled the couch, his member bouncing stiffly in front of her face. Then he grabbed her chin, fixing her eyes with his firm gaze.

"Suck my cock," he ordered.

As Joan opened her mouth, he guided the bulging head of his cock in between her red lips. The head alone almost filled her mouth, but he wasn't satisfied: Slowly he slid his hips forwards, even further forwards. And inch by inch he filled her mouth with his cock.

"Ohhh yeah, take it all the way," he groaned.

Joan felt the tip of his cock hitting the roof of her mouth and pressed her hands against his muscular thighs to stop him.
Instead he began making fucking motions. In a slow rhythm he let his hard cock slide back and forth across her soft tongue, out between her lips and back into her mouth again. With manically precise hip motions he guided his fat tool in and out, in and out between Joan’s softly sucking lips. She felt the hard shaft trembling on her tongue, its wide head swelling like a fleshy dome.

"Play with your pussy," he growled, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

And she began caressing herself. God, she was wet! She spread her legs wide apart. Then she forced two fingers into her pussy, letting them slide in and out, her other hands massaging her little, hard clit. The love juices flowed down her hot thighs and onto the couch, while the electrician vigorously fucked her mouth.

Suddenly he withdrew. With a wet smacking sound the cock slipped out of her mouth, glistening with saliva. It bounced stiffly in front of him. She saw his wide body was quite muscular, but she had been right: His chest and stomach, yes, even his shoulders were covered by a thick blanket of blonde hairs. She writhed on the couch, uttering a faint noise of disgust: She didn't want him. She just didn't.

But who was she kidding? She had played her little game, leading him on, teasing him, sucking his cock. He was like an animal in heat. And now, she was afraid, she would just have to pay the price.

"I'm gonna give you the fucking of your life!" he exclaimed - and immediately Joan felt his rock-hard cock forcing its way into her slit. Its entire length with one single thrust.

Screaming loudly, she twisted beneath him, but he had already begun rhythmically driving it into her. With every stroke, he slid the head of his cock all all the way in, in a brutal, relentless pace.

He grabbed her shoulders hard, holding her down on the couch, fucking and fucking her. She gave in to her excitement and savored the sensation of the firm, powerful cock thrusting in and out of her pussy muscle. The sweat poured from his body, dripping down on Nicole's face and breasts, ran down his chest, his stomach, his cock, mixing in her pussy with the juices of her own lust.

"Ooh, that's so good," she purred, Fuck me!"

She clasped her legs around his wide, hairy back and dug her nails into his muscular buttocks. "Arh," he yelled angrily without slowing down.

He drove his thick, wet cock into her again and again. From the swollen head, the entire length of the hard shaft, until his bristly pubes met her smooth pussy lips. Thrust after thrust into the depths of her quivering flesh, until she finally lost control.

"Ohhh," she cried out loudly, her voice echoing. Her entire body gave in to the pleasure of a violent orgasm

"Oh, stop, stop," she sobbed - her climax seemed to go on forever. Helplessly, Jaon held on to his huge, sweaty body, his cock still pumping into her sex.

Finally he withdrew. Lifting her head, she saw her juices dripping from his shiny, burning red cock. Then he grabbed her body and quickly turned her over, placing her belly-down on the bench. His strong hands grabbed her hips, and Joan felt his bone-hard cock slowly entering her hot pussy from behind.

"Ohhh," she whispered huskily, collapsing on the couch, exhausted.

"Yeah, lovely pussy," he growled. He pressed his hips against hers and froze for a few seconds. Nicole felt his blood-filled member throbbing with excitement, swelling inside her tender flesh.

"I'm not done fucking you yet," he muttered and slowly slid his fat tool in and out of her.


She shivered with pleasure. The motions of his hard cock massaged the insides of her dripping wet flesh. So incredibly good. She closed her eyes and clenched her love muscles around his cock with every thrust. Joan held on to the arms of the couch, as his rhythmic pumping drove her towards another orgasm.

"Oooh," she whimpered, "oooh, oooh", her entire body shaking on the bench. Hot love juice drenched his hard cock, trickling down his bulging balls.

Ready to burst, the electrician’s cock kept plunging ever faster into her almost numb pussy, until he, too, lost control.

"Ohhh," he yelled into the empty hall as he started to ejaculate. Joan’s eyes opened wide, as his cock released the first hot spurt. "Mmmnh," she whispered, impressed, as she felt his wildly jerking cock pumping long jets of semen into her.

"Oh yes," he grunted, satisfied. He pressed his abdomen against hers, forcing the last thick droplets from his throbbing member. Hard and stiff the cock stood inside Joan's pussy for a while, until it slowly collapsed, sliding out of her, wet and glistening.

They stayed there silently for a while until he suddenly got up , looked at the clock on the wall And said “I gotta go. The problems sorted. Five minute job really. Not worth charging for. Remember to call me if it goes wrong agaon. And with that , he was gone.

Joan lay on the couch for a while. She had sorted the hot water problem, got time off work and had a great fuck in the space of a morning. She laughed out loud. Not a bad morning’s work.

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