Holiday in Algarve - Part 2  

Bushwhackerman 56M
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6/4/2006 4:05 pm
Holiday in Algarve - Part 2

Somewhere, a songbird started singing. The heat was intense and the red wine was fiddling with my senses. I kneeled beside her and picked up the sunscreen. Moments later I was gently moving her cascading hair off her neck to the side and smoothing the creamy ooze into her tanned shoulders and back. Knee across her hips lets me oil her equally on both shoulders, evenly down her arched back. The rhythm of my stroking is like a mantra.

She seems to appreciate this for a while. "Mmmmmm...ahhhh..uhuh"...

Then suddenly she giggles and deftly unties her top so that the straps fall. My cock judders in my shorts and involuntarily pushes against her fully rounded ass. I recoil - she shouldn’t be having this effect on me ‒ Goddamit - she’s my sister in law ‒ My head floods with thoughts of consequences…but at the same time it seem the most natural thing in the world.

Just when brain starts to keep heart in check, and I’m ready to call it a day, she rolls around and her sparkling eyes shine at me.

“Mmm ..Do my front too please.”

I draw breath. As God is my witness, her breasts are the finest I have ever seen ‒ round and firm. Her nipples point to the stars and demand attention. I move to kiss her lips. It’s a long extended kiss that tells us both where these feelings are leading.

Our kissing is relentless, we grapple, roll, sucking the sheer essence out of each other. My mouth finds her breast and we enter new unchartered territory. Squeezing, sucking , nipping, hands working together.

Her breasts respond quickly to my attentions and her breathing loses its cadence and brings on low moans that make me want my entire body to be cock.

Her hand slides down my stomach and,slipping under my waistband, her deft fingers circle my hard jutting prick and start to pump it towards her with eagerness.

“Let’s go inside now” she says.

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