Holiday in Algarve - Finale  

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Holiday in Algarve - Finale

The days that followed were uneasy.Helen and Paolo left for the market each morning - Helen ran the catering and Paolo was the only fluent Portugese speaker, leaving us to hang out by pool. We laughed as we thought of them racing round the market buying any old shit to make time for a quick fuck in the woods on the way back.We invented several revenge scenarios

First one up - we would surprise them in the woods, rope them, hogtie them round a couple of trees, ass fuck them both before sticking daffodils in their asses and leaving them to be discovered by the local Catholic priest and his congregation on their evening Pilgrims' Walk.

Second scenario involved them finding a series of clues around the holiday home that would start them wondering what we were up to. We would reel them in step by step until the inevitable time they would return to find us in a state of passion and abandon on the kitchen table.

But something was changing. Life with Helen seemed mundane and I wanted it to finish. All aspects of our life together left me empty and I wanted to be with Sarah all the time. I resented the time inevitably we spent with our partners and wanted to sit close to her at dinner, speak softly in her ear, touch her hair or holding her in my arms.

A few days later as Helen and Paolo drove off to market we didnt immediately head for the bed. We sat drinking coffee and talked about love. We talked about the possibility of a life together, all the fallout there would be and whether we had a future.

'I thought I loved him but his other women have worn it away. Im confused. I just dont know how to end it and I dont know if the alternative will make me any happier'

'I feel the same way.What about your feelings for me though? Am i just an opportunity or is there something more?' It felt like it weas the most important thing I'd said to anyone. Ever.

An hour later Paolo's 4x4 drove up the track and parked in the courtyard.Helen and Pablo looked surprised as they saw us sitting in my car with the cases packed in the back.

'Sarah and I are leaving for home . Were going to find somewhere to live out of town and we'll be in touch to sort out the lawyers'. I think we all need some time together with the people we really care about'.

I slipped the car into first gear and slowly drove out down the open hillside road.

In the rear view mirror I saw Paolo standing open mouthed. He moved his arm in a distracted way but stood rooted to the spot. Helen jumped out of the car and started shouting something towards us. As the tyres crunched on the rough road we didnt hear what she said.

Been driving for 10 hours now. Sarah is asleep on my shoulder . She looks relaxed and happy and I'm gonna try to make sure she stays that way.

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