Algarve holiday - Part1  

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5/31/2006 6:02 pm

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Algarve holiday - Part1

Family holiday in the Algarve, Portugal . House full of space and planters and, on this occasion just the two of us. She is Sarah, 48, short, slightly plump but curvacious in all the right places. We’ve spent a lot of time on the phone together, usually with me acting as mentor helping her through her difficult relationships, most of which have ended badly.

Everyone else had gone off to the local market. So I’m taking in the sun by the pool on a lounger. We’re up in the woods and its real quiet and secluded. She talks about this and that. I’m listening, nodding, making all the right noises but I’m really just wanting to bake in the sun, slip into the pool and bake some more.

She asks of I’ll teach her to swim crawl.

“OK”. I say dragging myself up from the lounger and slipping into the water. She climbs down the steps to join me.

“Show me what you can do”

She languidly flops about and makes a lot of splash without getting anywhere.

“Sarah, you’re not going anywhere until you learn to cut through the water” Arch your body….think of the water as a solid….like its made of butter “ Cut through it . Use your arms like knives”

She tries again. Better this time but she gives up and flounders about after a few strokes. I grab hold of her waist to stop her going under. My senses are filled with her perfume and her shapely body causes involuntary interest in my trunks. For a second I’m tempted to pull her to me and kiss her, but I’m far from sure how she’d react. .Instead, I suggest she try swimming around me in circles so that I can help her if she starts to sink again. To our mutual surprise, she starts to get the hang of it, crawling in growing confidence, circling around me. Before long were swimming side by side up the length of the pool. She stops at the deep end to catch her breath and my hand takes her shoulder. On the return trip she struggles and grabs me close.

The water is cold, her breasts are full and I enjoy a marvellous moment as her cold nipples press against my chest. As we climb out of the pool to take a rest, I drape her shoulders with a towel and we take to the loungers.

Portugese sun , no words, we lie side by side for a while. Im feeling horny, but relaxed at the same time. I’m almost starting to drift when I hear her say ..

“Iain , honey, could you oil my back for me? I can’t reach”

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