Somewhere I know you exist  

Buffy1239 66F
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4/13/2006 6:07 pm
Somewhere I know you exist

I so love you my dearest lover Somewhere in time you are far away from me , and maybe I will never find you. Maybe I will have to live the rest of my life alone , like a death sentence in this prison where I live. You have no idea of the pain I am in , the horror I feel of a life this way. In all my time of waiting for your love, I have felt old memories haunt me times my father would take me out to beat me and soon it turned into something totally different, times he took me to "visit" his friends, oh God how many times ??? I don't know why cannot I just live and not remember , just go to work and come home and maybe someday , you will be here waiting to kiss me and talk about our days. I know you will understand about my past and love me anyway. You will make it mean nothing to me anymore, and finally I will believe that others do not judge me for what I did not start or want and I will have friends at last. Friends who like me the way I am. Talk not too loud about a wish tho, because I want it to come true , I want to find you. at long last . Then be happy at last , forgetting the past, loving the now. The right now here you are I have waited forever and will love you forever , as you love me. Someday baby , and I am praying every day , someday soon , please someday soon. I do not intend to give up , You are out there........ darling love

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