If One Day  

Buffy1239 66F
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3/18/2006 5:33 pm
If One Day

Know this my baby , This poem is very real to me , very important , becuase in it is all my feelings . No one knows all the answers but we can help each other, and in that helping is all the love the world can ever feel. I may not be there to talk to you every time you want, but I will want to be there. This will be for the 2 of us forever, this great love of each other and our feeling and wants and desires and well of the 2 of us. I will always be thinking about you , how you feel, what you're thinking, if you still love me when will we be together. This huge thing we have now started, will wipe away all the bad things from my life, and leave only new shiny good things. Things like you , your hands touching me your lips on mine, making me remember what there can be to life. Ahhhh how much I love you. Just the 2 of us , always and forever .

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