As Love Goes  

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3/12/2006 4:21 am

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As Love Goes

Ahhhh Today will be a great day , my patient finally gets to see her grandson for the first time This is a day of loving things happening all around me, people will smile and lovers will kiss without looking to see who is watching. I will be walking on air thinking of the love flowing around me and through me and this walking on air will be catching to others. I will be so happy thinking about love to be comming my way, Maybe I won't know the exact timing , maybe I won't be positive that I will be enough to make a new love happy with me. but for this love I am determined to try. for this love I will chance it, I may be hurt, or deeply cut , but for this love ahhhhh it is worth it. I won't react untill I know there is a reason to react, this love is special and private and ours alone . A very special private love of ours, to be ourselves and love ourselves for what we are. To hold one another and talk and share our days, to count on each other , that each of us can know the other is thinking of them all day everyday , when we can. Whenever we can be together, the time is ours alone and no one else's, we will make the most of every second. And as you can see readers this love is worth two dozen roses, so for me...........IT IS WORTH IT , WORTH EVERYTHING.

rm_Gentle12553 68M
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3/12/2006 5:13 am

what romantic thoughts....have you met this desire of your heart or will he (I asssume it tis a he?) just ride the white steed into your heart....will it be love at first will you know?

Will your lover know how to please you without asking, or should there be a short session of rule making and communication involved....and does this soul-mate type of love really exist? I wonder.....over the years I have kissed a passle of frogs and so far none have turned into a princess....there has been no bells and whistles or certainly no Pavorotti singing from the open balcony window....

There was one lovely woman who really passionately returned that first kiss and who if we really worked at it might approach this nirva state we all seek....but alas....she has "baggage" to deal with....or should I say that I have to deal with....

I wish you good luck and good seeking to know if your dreams come true....

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