Thursday late aftermnoon  

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5/4/2006 1:41 pm

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Thursday late aftermnoon

Another day get you another earned dollar such is life working as a computer tech. Well, here's my horny thought for today.

I go out on service call and it's a laptop repair, well I get to the laptop owner's residence and I ring the bell. Who come to the door but a very attractive lady and she invites me in to fix her pc. Well, she leads me to where I need to be to fix the machine and says "I need to run up stairs and take a shower but if you need anything while I'm up stairs just call".

So I begin working on her laptop and it's going well. I'm very close to being finished so I call up stairs to let her know I have completed the repair. This attractive lady comes down the stairs wearing only a rope nothing underneath.

I ask her to make sure the computer is fixed to her satisfaction so I can be on my way to my next service call. Well I am standing opposite her across a kitchen island and while she's checking out her laptop I'm checking her out.

Well she's leaning over the counter as she tests her computer and her breasts gracefully slide out of her robe giving me a full view. Well my jaw dropped and I guess she noticed my expression. She covered up and excused herself for flashing me.

I in turn said, no excuse me I enjoyed that very much and hope I can visit again real soon to do more laptop repairs for you. Well, she smiled and said if I ever need more repairs to my laptop I'll be sure to ask for you.

This actually did happen and I have yet to see her again but one never knows. I love women and my job.

MsSexyScorpio33 59F

5/12/2006 10:31 pm

What a job you freak you! So, are you walking around with a stiff dick all day long?

Buddy072951958 59M

5/25/2006 5:06 pm

Well MsSexyScorpio33, I wish I could say that I go on service calls and this happens alot but it doesn't. But when it does happen, it makes the day go alot faster and more enjoyable. As for me walking around with a hard-on all day, I can only tell you that I rise to the occation. I, thank you for your comment and hope that you weren't bored with the reading.

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