An Erotic Fantasy  

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An Erotic Fantasy

We all have them. I wonder what yours is.

One of mine involves going to a costume ball with my woman. I am dressed like a vampire; she's dressed--or rather undressed--in a black stretch micro-thong and black leather knee-high boots that, except for the high heels, look like they were spray-painted on to her legs. That's all. Her long hair is pulled back in a kind of mane, and her entire body painted in a combinatin of black, white, red and grey body paint and latex. She has rings in both of her nipples. She looks like an animalistic seductress. Her eyes are painted dark like a mask. If it hadn't seen the transformation myself, I would not have recognized her.

My eyes are also painted dark and my normally swarthy complexion is lightened by the black tuxedo and broad brimmed hat. My normally open facial features are now dark, sinister and seductive.

We are at the party to find partners for our orgy.

As the evening goes on and the music plays, we have found a couple who will do nicely. He is dressed like a clown and she like a luscious young virgin/vixen dressed in white satin and other sensual variations of material. We've danced together, switching partners at times. This allows us to become accustomed to the feel of the other's partner.

Eventually, having consumed enough exotic food and drink, we use our combined powers of persusation and invite them to a secluded place to interact. It is then when my woman initiates the moves. Having noticed how the clown has been staring all evening at the rings on her nipples, she remarks, "So, it seems you like my costume? I mean, you've been staring all night at my tits and hardly noticing the beauty of this gorgeous woman you're with. The clown suit seems appropriate."

The clown is taken back and speechless. The virgin/vixen in white is flattered, but taken off guard.

"I mean,if I were in your big floppy clown shoes, I'd be trying to find a way into this woman's pure white stretch satin thong about an hour ago. She's gorgeous and you don't even notice!" The clown turned red-faced under his makeup. The virgin/vixen remained transfixed, but was becoming inexplicably aroused. "I mean, look at her." Continuing her reproach, my seductress approached the virgin/vixen. "Her face is like a godess, delicate and yet full of the power of her sensuality." She turned to look directly into her eyes. Glancing down and tracing her fingers in each place, "her neck is like a marble pillar, perfectly carved. Her breasts perfectly shaped, and probably never touched by a man." The virgin/vixen shuddered as my seductress's fingertips danced gentley upon the surface of her clingy dress. As she felt the response of the white one's breath and beating heart, the dark one then stepped around her, dipping her hand further into the low-cut split in her top, cupping her left breast in her hand. Their faces were both toward the two of us men now.

"If I were you," my seductress continued, "I would have made some move to let her know of your desire." And at than she began to kiss the white one's neck on her right side. Gradually the virgin/vixen's face, although remaining fixed on her clown-date's, began to transform. Her eyes drooped, her muscles yielded and her hands began to travel along her own body, chasing the black one's hands as they explored. My woman's nipples became hard as they brushed against the material on her partner's back. Finally her eyes broke contact, closed and turned to my own date's face. For just a moment they gazed again into each other's eyes, closed, and began to kiss her lips. First softly, then ravenously.

The black one returned the passion. And as they both began to indulge, I heard the white one whisper, "Yes, the idiot could have fucked my pussy hard an hour ago." They continued, gasping for air now and later, but continued. The virgin/vixen now groping the seductress's tits, face, arms, and both of them eventually sliding their fingers into each other's now drenched pussies.

We both watched, the clown transfixed, and I aroused, amused and waiting for the inevitable.

And the inevitable did, indeed, occur. Rising for air after having both collapsed onto each other, the virgin/vixen having now been stripped of her transluscent dress and down to her bra, panties, and thigh-high stockings, my seductress arose from her lip-lock on the virgin's completely taught left nipple to announce, "Well, you guys, are you gonna come fuck our brains out, or are we gonna have to settle for getting each other off by ourselves."

The clown jumped up like a fire alarm rang. I arose calmly, knowing full-well the nature, movement and mood of my micro-thonged partner.

As the clown continued to fumble with his shoelaces, my partner moved aside to allow me some access, and the virgin propped herself on her knees. Turning her head to look over her shoulder to view the revelation of my cock emerging from my tuxedo trousers, she snarled, wide-eyed, "Oh, God, yes, Dracula, fuck my wet pussy first!"

As I moved aside her pretty, sleak thong, I caressed the skin of her ass, reached underneath to feel the moisture dripping off her, I then slid, ever so gently at first, into the treasure of her wet folds. As I went deeper I thought to myself, "she LOOKED like a virgin, but..."

My partner smiled at me as she watched me begin my ravishings. Leaning back on her elbows, she spead her legs and commanded the vixen, "I'm next, okay? So you're gonna have to get me ready, get me wet."

Stripping off her micro-thong to reveal the whiteness of her shaved pussy, the only part of her body not covered in leather, latex or body paint, the vixen began to kiss, then lick, then eat my partner's pussy, making careful and perfectly-timed attempts to lick, suck and tickle her clit.

The clown, meanwhile, had finally finshed the challenge of getting his own costume free of his body. As I was pumping harder on his dates luscious depths, listening to the exotic rhythms of her breathing at the end of each thrust, drinking in the vision of my own partner's ecstacy as she floated away on the cloud of her impending girl-induced orgasm, I glanced up to check on what Bozo was up to. I knew at that moment that the evening was far from over. He was now fully erect, and 10 inches at least. Except for the red bulb on his nose and the stupid look painted on his face, he was otherwise completely nude and ready for action.

Suddently the entire dynamic changed.


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