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10/6/2005 11:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Slow week. Really slow and quiet. I wanna hook up with a guy, go back to his house for drinks and slow grindin'...then of course some good old slow passionate sex. UGH. I can't seem to get ahold of my regular favorite playmate. I think he's busy. Kitty needs a new ball of catnip to satisfy her. I hadn't been on this site in ages and I had like a million messages. I decided not to answer them 'cause by now they would have forgotten me. Dumb move. I bet some of them would have loved a trip down pussycat lane...especially 'cause I'm so young and "slightly experienced". God I want somebody to eat my pussy right now and suck my clit...(no biting, no nibbling...)I haven't had that done to me in a while. My playmate is getting a little sloppy and is just fucking me (very hard and not too pleasureful...)with very little oral. I'll have to teach him. Oh well. guess it's another night with the bear...with the vibrator placed ever so nicely inside of him.

commoner4 42M

10/7/2005 1:20 am

That bits. I love foreplay. I glow in the dark too

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