Off out tonight  

BritishSoldier23 35M
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8/10/2006 9:55 am
Off out tonight

Im off out to the pub tonight for a few tasty beverages. Might be meeting up with this lady later on, or she might even grace me with her presence in the 'woodies' but she said she will probably go to the 'Milestone' pub. Ill probably pop along later for a chat and see how things go from there.

Ive not been out all week so im looking forward to a few beers and a bit of banter. If you happen to be a local and are out in the 'Woodies' tonight we will probably be the group next to the games machine in the corner as i love to test my knowledge and er...luck on the quiz games. If your a tall leggy brunnette that needs to get her end end away then dont hesitate to come over, mines a Strongbow. Thanks.

Will probably come back on here if im back before midnight or there abouts. Usually do to check my email before popping off to bed but sometimes if there is anyone intresting i like to stay and chat. Cant stay up too late tho as i really need to go shopping tomorrow and get a hair cut, its pretty much my last chance before going back.

Also im thinking, Should i shave off my two weeks beard growth before friday or wait until monday morning when im back in work.

Apparently there has been an 'incident' in an english airport where a 'device' was found in somebodies hand luggage. Due to this, there is to be no hand luggage and some flights have even been cancelled. Hopefully mine will have and that way i may get an extra day or two on leave.

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