People are so ignorant  

rm_Brissie_guy 47M
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4/22/2006 8:05 pm
People are so ignorant

Its 12:54pm - I have been awake for about an hour now after cumming home form being out all night fishin - not that we fished all night, damn boat broke down - AGAIN. But while we were fishing a dolhphin decide to be swimming near by cathing all our fish hehehe.

About 12:30am We started to row but the current was too fast across the mouth.

We waited for a few hours for people to try and get a tow and we havd a few boats launch and no one came to our plea. So frustrated about people helping other pople out.

I am not going to mention types of people as it was one particular type of race that did not want to help. After we were towed back to shore byr a guy with a smaller dingy in comparison to all the other boats that were launching.

Anyway I finally got home about 6am, had a hot shower, had a play with myself in the shower to releive some more frustration. Felt good afterwards - slipt in to bed and now have woken back up.

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