The End of the World Is Nigh........or perhaps not!  

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1/23/2006 4:01 pm

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The End of the World Is Nigh........or perhaps not!

Well what an eventful evening.........a good day that finished with my first Spanish lesson at my girls school which actually went quite well. Then.....I chat to my wife who is back in England and yep u guessed it, she has finally said that it is all over! She doesn't see a reconciliation.

I had thought as much but at last she said it! There's no hatred, no resentment. I actually admire her honesty, it's not been easy for either of us especially me being left with the children on foreign soil, but as much as it hurts I know she has done the right thing. I actually feel a fair bit of relief, perhaps I'm in shock but I seem quite lucid with my emotions so perhaps it's relief. A full-stop at the end of a sentence!

After our 'chat' I told the kids. The eldest was very matter of frank, she said that she had suspected it would end this way, such maturity from a 12 year old is scary! My youngest, 11 years, was quite disconsolent. She was always closer to her mum. I think she will feel it really hard! It's hard to comprehend what goes throught an adult mind when you're so young!

The kids are asleep in my bed. Looks like I'll be in one of their beds tonight! Their mum, my wife, and I chatted on MSN for quite some time. There were a few tears but on the whole we haven't laughed so much for years. No doubt we will always be friends and will be there for each other. After twenty years it's nice to have a friend!

The shackles are off and perhaps we both feel that we have been liberated!

I feel tomorrow will bring a sunny day into my life..........I can't wait!

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