Thinking of You  

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7/6/2006 6:52 am

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Thinking of You

Laying here in bed with my mind racing in so many directions, I just can't seem to shut it off so I can get to sleep. I wish so badly that you were here with me. I close my eyes and think of you.

I reach down and caress my breast, lightly rubbing my nipple between my fingers until it is poking up through my nightgown. I do the same to the other one. It feels so good under my touch.

I concentrate on only you. I see your face in my vision; my body begins to ache, wanting to feel you. As my mind deepens, I can feel your breath on my neck and my body arches to meet your touch.

I see your hand take my breast, oh what a wonderful feeling. You play lightly with my nipples, making them stand to meet your lips. As your mouth covers each one, my breath is taken from me. I arch my back and offer more to your mouth. I watch as your tongue plays lightly with one nipple, then the other. You lightly nibble and send amazing heat through me.

You lightly kiss down my stomach, covering every inch, then lick just at my hip line. Your tongue traces around my hipbones and I giggle just a little. You know I’m so ticklish there but can’t resist. You put your hand between my legs and urge them wide apart, placing yourself in the center. I reach down and spread my lips for you, inviting you to take as much as you want.

I feel your tongue dip in between my lips and run the length. My breath quickens as your tongue disappears inside me. "Oh yes." I watch as you fuck me slowly with your tongue. Your fingers go to my clit and rub gently. My hips push up to meet your mouth, encouraging you to go deeper, and you do.

I can feel you so deep inside me, rubbing faster. You reach up to take my nipple between your fingers. It rolls easily among them. Chills run though me when you pinch softly, then pull just a little. The feelings are incredible. Your pace on my clit quickens and my hips thrust to meet you as I feel you so deep inside me.

Your tongue fucks me faster as I begin to lose control. I know you can feel my juices on your face. "Oh, baby, it’s so good." You reach under me and pull me closer, smothering yourself in my pussy. You know the orgasm will be intense. You take your mouth to my clit and lick, then suck. Pulling me closer yet, you suck even harder.

I feel the orgasm building in me fast. I can see your hands holding me, yet I can feel them on my breast too. Licking faster and sucking harder, my hips thrust hard at your mouth. My nipple is so hard and sensitive under your touch.

I try to fight the confusion in my mind as the orgasm sends amazing heat though my body. Oh, feeling you so deep inside me fuels my orgasm. The intensity of the orgasm brings my mind to awareness.

I lay in bed alone. My one hand pulling lightly at my nipple. Two fingers on the other buried deep inside me, my legs wide with my palm slapping at my clit. I continue to fuck myself as the orgasm subsides. I remove my fingers and take them to my mouth and have a taste. Swirling my tongue around the tips, wishing so badly it was you. I lay here finally drifting off to sleep, I whisper, "Hurry home baby, I’m thinking of you."

SirMounts 103M

7/9/2006 9:30 pm

Told very well... you definitely have a talent for writing.
A very warm welcome to blogging, Bratebella. *smiling*

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