The Biggest Story Nobody is Covering  

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3/2/2006 10:58 am

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The Biggest Story Nobody is Covering

Two days ago, The Army Times, an independent but closely aligned magazine widely read by career US Army personnel, published an article about a new, historic, and controversial unauthorized poll taken of US troops in Iraq by Zogby International. As far as I can tell, they and the Zogby website were the first two media outlets to cover the poll results. And it hasn't made a big splash with the media since, either.

But this poll literally marks either a monumental failure of the US military or a radical change in the way wars are to be waged in the information age. Either way, that's historic! Let's deal with each possibility.

The Pentagon is claiming they didn't know this poll was being taken and did not authorize it. It's completely bootleg. Really? You mean you have unauthorized personnel working covertly for a major media organization polling 1,000 US troops on large military bases in Iraq? You mean you can't protect vital OPSEC information regarding troop morale from ZOGBY, let alone the enemy? I find such a level of military incompetence impossible to believe. But, then again, you did just let "a few ragtag terrorists" who are "in their final death throes" assault and destroy one of the most sensitive buildings in the Universe when it comes to the stability of Iraq with 130,000+ troops standing around watching.

But in spite of all the incompetence we've seen in Iraq from Abu Graib to the destruction of the 3rd most important mosque in the Shia world by the insurgents last week, I still believe the Pentagon knew about this poll, knew it was being taken, and chose not to stop it. As a result, US combat troops have...for the first time in history...been given a political voice in the policy-making process that so directly impacts their futures. In the military world, this concept is absolutely revolutionary! Yet, one is hard pressed to even read about it in the mainstream media. I'll come back to that, but to appreciate the significance of it, one must understand what the poll asked the troops and what their answers were.

The poll asked all sorts of questions about issues which have been raised in political circles here in the US since the war began. All of the hot buttons were pushed from adequate armor protection to how they view the Iraqis. On most of these issues, the Administration came out looking OK...even good in a couple of cases. But there were a few questions they didn't fare so well on. When asked about a unilateral withdrawl of US forces from Iraq, about 75% of the troops polled said we should get completely out by the end of this matter what. Just over 50% said within the next 6 months. So do they believe their job is done...or not worth the cost?

Another question explored the true feelings of the troops regarding the real reason we invaded Iraq to begin with. 85% said they felt it was primarily in retaliation for the Al Qaeda attacks on the US on 9/11. And only about 15% agreed that establishing a "democratic and independent Iraq as a beacon of freedom for the Middle East" had anything to do with it at all. Given that their Commander-in-Chief insists that we are staying "as long as it takes," and that THE goal is a free and democratic Iraq, this demonstrates that the troops doing the fighting don't share his vision or his game plan. Of course, no one is suggesting they won't do what they're told.

The Admin and the pundits on the right are always grousing about this cabal between the "liberal elite media" and the "radical liberal wing" of the Democratic Party who are all so blinded by anti-Bush hatred that they are out of control. But don't you think someone in this cabal would have realized the political significance of these types of results from this Zogby poll and that they'd all be frantically beating the White House about the head and shoulders with it by now? It is a great mystery that this is not happening. Makes one wonder WHY? Doesn't it?

MMDeveloper 36M
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3/2/2006 12:36 pm

cmon dude, it's all PR. Their posting of that in the U.S. media would have a defamating affect on our administration. It's just like self defense cases where the true victim (not the dead attacker) was justified; the media will not cover that story. They wait for the attacker to be "taken out" in a non-justified manner and then plaster that image all over the united states, now calling the original attacker the victim.

You never hear of justified self defense cases on tv, because that would be a pro-gun show and against the views of media. Fair and balanced my ass.

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3/2/2006 12:40 pm

i agree with all your points,An Army can not fight or protect if moral is down and if 85% believe the war is a crock and 75% would like to come home then mral has hit rock bottom.

whats the bets this oll never gets media coverage,they all in his pockets and if you disagree or make a differance of opinium your called antti American or even worse arested as an enemy to the pepple

I'm a

i'm here to stay

BransonLuvFest 51M/51F

3/3/2006 8:48 am


That 85% think it's a crock thing...I'm not sure we see that the same way. The reason 85% said the real reason they are there is retaliation for 9/11 is because that is what motivated THEM to join/volunteer/reenlist or is their personal motivating factor that keeps them going day by day. Americans know that Saddam might not have had a thing to do with 9/11...directly. But it doesn't matter because they also know he he cheered when it did happen. And that alone is enough reason to go kick his ass.

Of course, about 95% of the Islamic world and probably 40% of the rest of the world either openly or secretly cheered along with him. Just go read Freelove999's revelations about her personal reaction to that horrible massacre. But the fact is that on that day the hearts of the American people (about 3/4 of us) hardened against the Islamic world. Some Muslim nation had to pay. Afghanistan wasn't enough. And Saddam was just such a ripe target. He deserved it for so many reasons. So we picked him.

I have always had a pretty keen insight into the hearts and minds of soldiers. It isn't just a gift. It is also something I cultivate. And I have relationships with some key folks in the military establishment that keep me up to date...kind of a finger on the pulse sort of thing. I believe that the reason the troops are beginning to detach from the Prez on Iraq is because they feel they are not being allowed to finish the job...again. Our politicians are, once again, tying the hands of the US military and not allowing them to put a swift end to the Iraqi insurgency. They've got warriors getting blown up by IEDs on their way to pass out candy or put a new roof on a school instead of hunting insurgents and kicking their asses. You know, it's fine for Americans to want the world to think we're "nice." But the world should be scared to death of the US military! They should not look forward to seeing them in their streets! Let someone else pass out the candy, for crying out loud! And when stuff gets turned that upside down by well-meaning but muddleheaded politicians, troops get demoralized.

In it's simplest form: they went there to kick some raghead ass, and they find themselves kissing it instead. That would demoralize anyone.

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