Taking It To The Streets  

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2/12/2006 10:06 am

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Taking It To The Streets

Last night, we went to our first swingers' meet-n-greet. We haven't done the nightclub scene much in the past several years. We had a blast! The music was good, the special effects were solid, the drinks were better than average for a dance club, and the crowd was awesome.

Oh, and the swingers? Great bunch of folks! We really felt welcome and wanted. And we seemed to fit right in. Mrs. BLF spent the night dancing and talking and introducing me to her new friends. I spent time talking with a few folks I wanted to get to know better. I also danced a bit, but that's not really my "thang." We collected a lot more names and numbers than we expected to. We also had a couple of very enticing offers for sex. But logistical incompatibilities forced us to demure until a future date. Darnit! One young lady from outside our area in particular captured our attention. But she was with a male friend she didn't want to include. We exchanged contact info and agreed to get in touch right away and set up a meeting near where she lives. She is totally HOT! And she adores Mrs. BLF. She lives 3 hours away from us, but we are SO there! Interestingly, she wasn't with our group. Neither were the soldiers who hovered around Mrs. BLF half the night and whom I ribbed not for flirting with my wife, but for smoking my cigarettes.

After 12 years of monogamous marital bliss, it was very invigorating to re-enter that scene and still be found attractive. What a good dose of healthy medicine for the ego for both of us! And we made a bunch of really sexy and interesting new acquaintances to boot. We are SO glad we took the plunge and went to this meeting.

And now the adventure truly begins...

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