Senseo Is Sensational!  

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1/23/2006 9:33 am

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Senseo Is Sensational!

Every once in awhile a new product or service comes along that so dramatically improves the quality of your life that you feel like you've discovered a great revolutionary secret. And you want to run around all over town telling everyone about your discovery.

Well, we recently discovered the Senseo coffee machine from Phillips. And it has changed our lives! Admittedly, we are coffee lovers...fanatics you might say. And, admittedly, pressure-brewed coffee is not a "revolution." Neither is it earth-shaking news that pressure-brewed coffee is the best. So what is the big deal about Senseo?

Yes, pressure brewed home coffee makers have been around in gourmet shops and specialty catalogs for a long time. And gourmet coffee has been around quite awhile too. One of my sisters has a huge machine in her kitchen that does the job. She paid a little over $1000 for it a year ago. And that wasn't outrageous. It takes up a lot of countertop, it's awkward to use and tedious to maintain, and it really isn't very convenient. But, man, it brews a mean cup of European-style coffee when it's all done! And no one will question your devotion to the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee if you own one of these behemoths. Such was the "pressure brewed" European-style market in the US...until now.

Enter Senseo! This puppy is shear perfection. For starters, you can purchase them virtually anywhere coffeemakers are sold for well under $100. Good bye coffee snobs! Pressure brewed gourmet coffee just went mainstream! This is to a coffee lover as big of a deal as Martin Luther translating the Bible into German was for German Catholics in the Middle Ages...a true social revolution. But there is more!

Senseo is the epitome of easy to use and maintain. It is simplistic perfection...a true masterpiece of industrial art which transcends mere functionality, the benchmark of kitchen appliance performance. There is ZERO mess from coffee grounds thanks to the ingenious self-contained coffee pod system. And the machine takes up less space than a traditional automatic drip coffeemaker...the kind you find in almost every American kitchen.

Ever get frustrated waiting for your first cup of Joe in the morning? Automatic drip and percolator coffeemakers take what seems to be an almost unbearable forever to brew a pot of coffee at 6 AM. With Senseo, filling the water tank, popping in a Senseo pod of your choice, closing the machine, pressing start, and removing a fresh brewed, frothy, piping hot, pressure brewed coffee masterpiece takes less than sixty seconds! Following cups take less than thirty seconds each! Another revolution in the kitchen.

Say good-bye to your beans, grinders, and cans of coffee grounds. Senseo runs on small pods of coffee just bigger than a silver dollar. You use one per cup. What about the ingredients? Well, Senseo coffee pods are made specifically for the Senseo coffeemaker by Europe's premier gourmet coffee house. They are simply exquisite. What about selection? Right now, this is the ONLY negative. Choices are: cappuccino, irish creme, hazelnut, vanilla, light/medium/dark roasts, and decaf. We've tried the dark roast, medium roast, vanilla, and decaf. They are all excellent. A single pod of dark roast for a 2-cup serving (a big mug) is just simply the zenith of morning coffee options. A vanilla coffee makes an excellent low-carb dessert. The freaking decaf is even good enough to leave you wanting for nothing...except the caffeine. But, if you are one of those people who simply must sample all the world's coffee choices, or you are unswervingly devoted to a specific variety, you are likely to be frustrated. But try may find the Senseo coffees persuasive. And there are already alternative brands making pods compatible with the Senseo machine. That will only improve with time and market penetration.

Senseos are flying off the store shelves all over the modern world. They come in black, red, white, and blue. The machine is very attractive, with slick European styling. It is the perfect harmony of form and function. But if you want a specific color, you may have to look around for it until you find them recently restocked at your favorite store. The black is in high demand. The blue is most commonly available. Check the major discount retailers for the best prices, which are between $50 and $65. You can also order them on-line from many sources. You can also order your coffees on-line and they are regularly stocked in all major grocery stores. No problems with the supply chain here!

In short, Senseo has changed our lives for the better with ZERO compromises on our part. We simply cannot find a down-side. Even the fine gourmet coffee pods are priced in such a way that we are not spending more on coffee than we did when we bought cans of Maxwell House for our AD coffeemaker. And the quality of our coffee drinking experience has skyrocketed into a whole new realm. I bought our Senseo as a Christmas gift for my wife. It is by far the best Christmas gift I have ever bought for anyone. And she says it is hands-down the best gift she has ever been given by anyone. Chances are, if you are a lover of coffee, you will be equally impressed. Can you imagine: getting a new coffeemaker could get you laid? Try one! You can thank us later.

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