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2/20/2006 5:45 pm

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Recently I've found out that certain things I do make people uncomfortable. Now that's uncomfortable in a good way, for me that is. Talking with the ex the other day and she mentions she got more of her favorite perfume. Asked if I smelled it on her. I've been ill and stuffed up so no I couldn't smell it... so I stick my head almost in her chest and smell her. Yup, same perfume she had before. Same kind she always had. Couple days later she says that made her "uncomfortable". Having my face almost in her chest... well don't tell me to smell your perfume.
Anyways, she's mentioned other things that make her "uncomfortable", stuff I know makes her horny. Course I always make a point of doing such things. Wear tighter clothes if I know I'll see her. If she's looking at me, I'll give her "that look". Say something innocently that she can easily take the wrong way. Remind her of certain times or "events".
So the question is: What things make you "uncomfortable"?
Sure it's different for every woman, but the same on some levels.
Right now there are two women I'd like to make uncomfortable. But what gets to them.. and what can I do and not be obvious, cause I already know they are looking.

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2/20/2006 6:53 pm

I dont know, but "that look" does it for me everytime.

darcon71 46M

2/20/2006 8:06 pm

i could disect the meaning of the word uncomfortable. You seem to be equating it to being aroused. Maybe (probably) there was more to the story of what all your ex said a "couple of days" later. Maybe she was thinking you should put your nore towards her neck and shoulder area and you stuck it in her chest. Maybe she wasn't horny when she told you it made her uncomfortable, maybe she was telling you to buzz off. I don't know you or your ex.

to go along with the question you ask...and assume she asked you to smell her to turn you on, putting your face close to her tits turning her on. maybe candy could tell you more about whats makes women uncomfortable as in horny. but to get closer to those two women you are diggin on, i suggest whenever you are talking to them from now...stand as close to them as possible, they will either like it or not, at lewast you'll know.

what things make me uncomfortable? things said or done without precedence. no one touches me beyond what i want. im turned on when he knows how far and only who i want to cross the line does. did you earn the right to put your face in her tits? sounds like she was asking you to smell her and you did like you would. ask for it you got it. i dont usually put myself in position to get a response i dont want. i dont think you were out of line. you were you. she shouldnt open a door she doesnt want to walk through. be pure.

Br12976 42M

2/21/2006 3:34 pm

thanks everyone for their comments.

-darcon71, she'll only say uncomfortable and not explain what that means to me and only when I do something that I know gets her thinking naughty. The thing is, does she do that so I stay attracted to her and not look at others? (If she only knew...) Or does she want a "relationship" but know she shouldn't. She's a very jealous person, a "I don't want you but no one can have you either." Since she filed, she says she doesn't care what I do, but that's a lie. She'd be mad if she saw me with someone else.
So that's how things go: we both try to get under each others skin at times. Someone else I talked to said that was her intent.. for me to get close to her... be turned on. Maybe I took it to far, but that's just me. Give me an inch, take a mile.

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2/21/2006 4:58 pm

People who are smothering make me uncomfortable.

Purry {=}


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