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Br12976 42M
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3/20/2006 8:06 pm
something missing

As the seasons are turning again, being that it is the first day of spring, I'm feeling I'm not quite me lately. Like something is missing. Soon it'll be warmer, here in Indiana, and layers of clothes with disappear and then they'll get smaller. Soon it'll be shorts and t-shirt weather, I can't wait to SEE that. Oh, the sites to behold.
However,... since this is the first spring in 10 years that I'm without a serious girlfriend or wife, I feel half eager and half hesitant. I'm not as sure of myself as before. I'm missing my confidence. Reading through here, I find that's what a lot of women want, a guy who is confident on who they are and what they can do.
Perhaps this stems from the uncertainty I feel about the future. Before I had a pretty good feel for where I was and where I was going but life right now is still in the blender and it'll be some time still before things settle down and I see what sinks and what floats.
I will say, since it's on this site, that I have no doubts about "performance". To quote Jim Carrey, " I'm hell in the sack." It's just getting to that point. The approaching women and not saying something stupid. I've done that recently a few times. Ouch.
Usually, I her this from women but... I need to work on me. Workout, tan, get my rides lookin' good, do some spring cleaning. Maybe then I will feel like I can go up to people and say, "How you doin'." (Laugh, it's a joke).

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