When in the course of human events  

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5/8/2006 7:40 am

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When in the course of human events

I'm back again with no real topic yet again and no real title for these nonsenses.I do know that I thank everyone for taking the time to read my postings and commenting I appreciate itand have sent those I can a thank you message for participating...kind of like the parting gifts on a game show..."skip tell them what they've won".

I do though have a question for all of you that take the time and read this. Is sex the only reason man and woman seek each other in life?...I include those seeking man & man or woman and woman. If not that one act then why do we seek a partner in life?
Before parting I ask you all to please stand and open your hymnals to psalm 33 and raise your voices to the lord of perversion and sing with ...oh fuck it just jack off or rub one out

The devil rides again

TheThunderstorm 62M
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5/8/2006 7:53 am

chuckes Boze!

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