Do we favor love or lust - Year 2006?  

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5/27/2006 4:49 pm

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Do we favor love or lust - Year 2006?

Communication - Blankets Lovers

Everyone has the right to their own views on this subject. The main thing I find [in my family law practice] is many people say they are ready for "True Love" but truly don't have the communication skills to succeed. Everyone has their own expectations, desires, needs but it is also important to realize having expectations of perfectionism can also lead to failure. We can't expect our mate, partner, lover to always pass our perfectionist check list. If we truly are ready for love there are almost always a few short comings with our true love - partner/mate/love - as with all mankind.

E.G. communications -- Telling ones partner/lover: "I am a very sensual and a sexual person" but then in actuality not explaining to ones partner what scents, smells, touches, caresses, massages or desired intimate contact pleases their senses(sensual)(excites them). Is it a certain candles scent? Wonderful cologne? Bubble bath? Hot Tub? Skinny dipping? Cuddling? Making out by the fireplace? Beach? Sunset? Park bench? Doing something somewhat daring or naughty? Explain to your true love --> what stimulates your sexual appetite? E.G. for the --> "I am a sexual person statement" Keep in mind the opposite if your statement is --> "I am not a sexual person" explain this to your true love/ partner so you can share this fashion of intimacy (if this is the case) between the two of you. These are all part of the intimate communication skills necessary as building blocks (In my opinion) to truly share and enjoy true love.

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