wtf am i suppos to write about...  

BornWithNoSoul 31F
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1/31/2006 5:49 pm

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7/16/2006 12:45 pm

wtf am i suppos to write about...

Okay not sure if this is suppose to be like a normal blog....or a sexual incase its not a normal blog here is a link to my normal blog incase anyone cares to read about my pathetic excistence in this demented lil world:
so lets see....I'll write about what I didn't write in the profile.....this is an old profile...I'm currently in a relationship....not exactly the best one I've ever been in...but better than the last one who me off all happiness and sanity and left me lying in bed at night numb with the feeling of remorse and self-pity for ever getting involved with such a mentally sadistic prick if I may use that word...I'm a writer....I love to's been my passion ever since I was a little girl....Unfortunatly I'm stick working as a vet tech until I can get published big time...not the minor little publications I have had...but who knows I'm still in high school....and hopefully have a while still to make my dream a reality......well honestly I dont know what to write about...I usually write about my problems in a blog or my views on society....but this doesn't seem the type of site where you are suppose to do that......oh well im done for today on this I said if you want to read my real blog the link is above.....

anytime2473655 34M
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2/1/2006 9:23 pm

You know what you want here-sex, comlaints,erotic stories-anything. There are few rules as far as i can see. So write what you will and if they don't like it- it gets taken down.
Now as far as that part about that horrible relationship.. been there. Lots of people have and for some fucked up reason- we never leave till it's to late..when the damage is already done.
Good luck with your book(s) getting published- and your so-so relationship.

ThePartyMonster 45M

2/2/2006 7:28 pm

Sorry to hear about the asshole from your past....I hope you find someone that treats you right.
I too am a writer but reserve it for special people. I've been published but I'd rather weave my tales for select people. I really could care less for fame (I'm famous enough in my own mind!) and honestly don't care what most people think. Well, maybe we can start a writing relationship. I can write a chapter and then you can write the next, so forth and so on. Consider it an intellectual challenge, a lesson of sorts. Well, enough of the blog writing, I hope that you do find a ray of happiness to pierce the stormy clouds in your skies.

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