the boots  

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the boots

Don't get me wrong, I had really missed him. In the six weeks we had been apart I had spent way too many hours remembering the way he had made love to me. My skin longed for his touch again. My body wanted to feel his bare skin pressed against mine again. But I was also pissed off that he had left me.

The call for lunch had been a surprise. I had emailed him and left a message that I would be in town for a few days but I didn't think he would call. After all, he hadn't shown any signs of changing his mind ever since he told me he couldn't be with me anymore. But he called and asked me to meet him at the restaurant we had lunch in the first time I had come to town.

Lunch was pleasant enough but I could feel the tension. Since we had stopped being lovers we had both made a point of not saying anything sexual the few times we had talked. No innuendos, no remember when's. Just friendly chat. But at lunch I could tell that he wasn't trying to steer the conversation away from our sexual past. He was being cautious because since he had dumped me he probably wasn't sure how I would react to his being forward. But he wasn't putting much effort into keeping the conversation platonic.

I wasn't exactly trying to keep things platonic either. I was wearing knee high black leather boots and a short cotton sleeveless dress that was cut low enough in front that he could see a little cleavage when I leaned over. And I was making sure that I leaned over often.

I have to admit that I wanted him. I had never stopped wanting him. But I was going to make him work for it.

After we had finished lunch there was that awkward moment. I'm not exactly sure why he wouldn't just be more forward if he wanted me. I'd made it clear all along that I wasn't ready for it to be over. But he seemed a little unsure of making that first step. We had not touched all day, which for us was some sort of record. We never could keep our hands off each other. Finally, I decided it was up to me. Slowly and deliberately, I leaned towards him across the table. Looking directly into his eyes, I lightly dragged one long red nail across the back of his hand.

"Why don't you walk me back to my room?" I asked with a slight smile. "You know... the neighborhood," I laughed. We were in a very nice neighborhood.

We walked back to my room in silence. We always talked but it just seemed like there was nothing left to say at this point. Or maybe I was just being quiet because I knew that nothing drove him crazier than silence. Finally about a block from the room I reached over and took his hand. We stopped to wait for the crossing light and I turned to look at him. I wanted to say something. To tell him it was ok. That I had missed him. But something stopped me. That something was this little angry voice in my head screaming at me to tell him that it wasn't this easy... that he had to make it up to me. Did he really think he could just drop me like that and then waltz back in and expect me to sleep with him just because he decided he wanted me again? But I wasn't angry enough to say no.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I've missed you."

"I know," I said with a smile. "And you'll make it up to me."

While he was trying to figure out what I meant I lead him across the street and to the gate. I let go of his hand to unlock the gate and he moved his hand to the small of my back. I could feel the heat from his hand as he ran it down my back slightly. I paused, just absorbing the feel of his hand against me. I inhaled deeply fighting off the excitement a little, trying to maintain control.

I unlocked the door and walked across the room, leaving him to follow and shut the door. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at him standing just inside the door watching me. I smiled. Not that sweet come-hither smile. More of a knowing smile meant to unnerve him a little.

"You just gonna stand there all day?" I finally asked.

He moved to me slowly and stood in front of me. Looking down, he lightly touched my cheek.

"I've missed you," he said again sincerely.

"I know," I said. "And you know I've missed you." I wished I had kept it a secret but I couldn't.

He leaned down to me and I could feel the heat of his body as he slowly drew closer. I remembered the feel of his lips against mine and instinctively tilted my head up and slightly parted my lips. But then I remembered and turned my head slightly.

"Not yet," I whispered, barely able to keep myself from pressing my lips hard to his.

He knew. We had played the game before. It was never the same. One time he had refused to kiss me till after he had licked me till I climaxed. Another time he had waited until he was fully inside of me to find that first unbelievable kiss. He didn't know exactly what I wanted but he was willing to follow my lead. I took a deep breath to gather my composure then turned back to him.

Just inches from our lips touching, I whispered, "My boots.... I want you to take my boots off."

He looked a little stunned for a second then very seriously moved to kneel beside the bed. Very slowly he tugged the zipper of my right boot down the inside of my calf. I regretted that I hadn't worn the lace ups. I would enjoy watching him unlace them. But I would enjoy watching him lace them back up even more. When the zipper reached my ankle he slowly slid my boot off my foot and set it aside. His hands returned to my stocking covered foot and began to gently caress it. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my elbows on the bed while his fingers softly massaged my foot. Then I realized it wasn't just his fingers. I could feel the warmth of his lips as he kissed across the ends of my toes.

I pulled my foot from his grasp and replaced it with the still boot-clad left foot without looking at him. I felt the zipper slide down my inner calf all the way down to my ankle. As he pulled my boot off and sat it aside, I felt his lips press to the arch of my foot. I sighed softly thinking about how much I had missed his lips against my skin. As if he could read my mind he started kissing his way up my calf. I could feel the heat of his mouth through my stocking. He moved up to my knee and stopped to kiss the tender spot behind my knee. I moaned softly and he continued up my thigh. Feeling his lips grazing my thigh, moving higher, was more than enough to make me excited. He stopped at the top of my stocking. I could feel his breath on my skin. He wasn't moving. It was torture. I squirmed a little and moved towards him. He backed away slightly not letting me. I tried to suppress that groan of disappointment and laid back on the bed in resolve. I think I heard him laugh softly before starting back towards my thigh.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for.... I felt his lips touch my thigh. Skin to bare skin. It was like an electric shock running through my body. I moaned in pleasure as I felt the heat start to rise between my legs. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted him. His lips kissed their way to the top of my thigh and I felt my body go tense with anticipation of what was to come next. I arched my back and moved towards his mouth a little but there was no contact. Instead, he kissed across in a wide circle around where I really wanted then started kissing his way down my right thigh. I heard an involuntary whimper escape my lips. I knew he was smiling knowing he could make me silently beg for it. I relaxed and laid back against the bed once again and enjoyed the kisses as he made he way down to my other ankle then back up again. Such pleasure, I thought, in such simple contact.

This time as he moved past the top of my stockings, he kept going. I felt his lips brush softly against the lace of my black thong. I could feel his hot breath through the fabric as he began to kiss me through my panties. I squirmed a little feeling the wet spot grow right below his mouth. Softly he started sucking my clit through the lace. His mouth was so hot and I was beyond excited.

"Please," I heard myself whisper. Then I remembered that i wasn't begging for it this time. He was going to do what I wanted him to do.

I reached down and hooked a long red nail under the elastic of the leg of my panties and pulled them aside revealing my wet pussy. I felt him pause and inhale deeply. Then his tongue moved back to my clit, this time without the fabric between the two. Oh the feeling of his hot tongue against my throbbing clit was ecstacy. My hands went to the back of his head and I pulled him to me as I raised my hips towards him. Slowly and rhythmically I began to move against his mouth. He was licking up and down my wet slit, then over my swollen clit over and over. I wanted him inside of me. I wanted to pull him up on top of me and feel him slide inside of me but it wasn't time yet. I put my legs over his shoulders then wrapped them around his neck pulling him even closer to me. As he licked my clit I grew more and more excited and began to thrust against his mouth. My hands were pulling him to me harder and I knew that I wasn't letting him pull away long enough to catch his breath but I didn't care. I just wanted to cum. I wanted him to make me cum like I had been missing for the last six weeks. His tongue ran little circles around and around my clit making me crazy with desire. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, he sucked my swollen clit into his mouth and started to roll it hard between his tongue and teeth. It was more than I could take. I felt the orgasm gripping my entire body and I pulled his face into my wet pussy as hard as I could. I cried out as I rocked against his mouth, wave after wave of pleasure rolling through my body.

Finally I released his head. I briefly thought that I hoped I hadn't hurt him as he started sliding up my body while unbuttoning his pants with one hand. So much for gentle lovemaking I thought with a chuckle. I saw his pants hit the floor as I sat up long enough to slide my dress up over my head and toss it aside. He stepped out of his underwear and stepped towards me. His cock was standing at attention, ready. I slid back to the middle of the bed and he crawled up on top of me. I could see that his face was still wet with my juices and that excited me. I was ready to kiss him. To lick his face clean. But not yet, I thought.

He lowered his body to mine. His face was so close that I could smell myself on his lips. I leaned towards him then pulled back. "Not yet," I whispered and pulled my panties aside. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my wet slit. I arched my back and pressed my body towards him. Then I wrapped my legs around his waist and raised my hips to meet him. At first, only the head slid in then we both stopped. We both caught our breath and paused. Slowly he started sliding just the head in and out. I raised higher trying to engulf him. I knew the frustration was showing on my face but he kind of liked it. I wanted to beg but knew I shouldn't. I knew this would all unfold exactly as it was meant to.

I opened my eyes and looked directly into his eyes, just inches above me. I smiled. "My baby," he whispered and buried the full length of his cock inside of me.

"Oh God," was all I could manage to whisper as he began moving in and out of me. Over and over I felt him hitting bottom, thrusting inside of me, making my head swim with pleasure and passion. I could feel it starting again. Another one. He always knew how to make me cum, was all I could think as I buried my mouth in his neck to muffle the screams as I started climaxing again.

His hands found my hands and locked fingers. He pressed the backs of my hands to the mattress over my head and pressed the weight of his body against me. "Fucking incredible," was all he managed to get out as he stared deeply into my eyes and thrust into me over and over. I knew that look well. I knew he was cumming. The way he thrusts harder and harder till he is almost there. Then almost stopping. Barely moving in and out. Pressed as deep inside of me as he could finally he whispered, "I'm cumming. Oh God, I'm gonna cum,"

He began thrusting again, this time in his own rhythm. He buried his face in my neck. I could feel his lips press hard against my skin, then his teeth as he groaned deeply in pleasure against me. I knew it would leave a mark but I didn't care. I could feel his hot sticky cum shooting into my wet pussy and the thought alone made me want more. It excited me to feel him inside of me like that and I started moving against him again, hoping for enough contact for one last orgasm.

"Oh God," he whispered as he collapsed against me. All I could do was smile.

I could feel his brain like I always can when we make love so intensely. There was an 'I love you' hanging between us like there always was but we couldn't say it. Not this time. Maybe never again.

He caught his breath then slid down my body. I looked down at him as he moved down and he had that wonderful mischievous grin on his face. I relaxed knowing him too well. His tongue found my clit again and began licking in tiny circles around it. Not this time, I thought.

I slid out from under him and rolled to my side before he knew what I was doing. "Up here," I said patting the bed beside me. I could tell he wanted to protest but didn't dare. He crawled back up on the bed with his head on the pillow, waiting to see what I wanted from him. I straddled his waist and pressed my wet pussy against his stomach. Mmmm any contact with my clit felt so good. I was so sensitive after a few orgasms. I moved my way up his body until I was even with his chest. His fingers reached out for my pussy, gently sliding one inside then into his mouth with a smile. I grabbed the headboard to steady myself then crawled over his arms and shoulders so my pussy was resting right above his mouth. I was so wet that I could feel our cum dripping out of me. He stretched his head upwards and licked me once. I reached out and caught his hands and held them tight and lowered myself onto his mouth. His tongue shot out into my pussy and began licking. I rocked back a little positioning my clit on his tongue. He was going to have to lick me till I came hard before I let him put his tongue inside of me. I began moving against his tongue and mouth and moaning in pleasure. It felt so good. I pulled his hands up against my breasts and let him pinch my nipples while he licked my clit. The sensation was unbearable and I was cumming in no time. When I felt my orgasm start, I moved forward just enough that his tongue was licking my pussy now. I could feel him licking as deep inside of me as he could get, moving in and out like he was trying to fuck me with his tongue. His right hand moved from my nipple to my pussy. He slid two fingers up inside of me and began moving them in and out. This made me cum even harder as I rocked back and forth on his fingers and his hot tongue. I could feel my pussy spasming, squeezing his fingers as they moved in and out of me. I knew that our cum, his cum that he had left deep inside of me was dripping out of my pussy and into his mouth with ever spasm of that orgasm.

Finally, I collapsed beside him on the bed, completely satisfied but knowing it wasn't over. I didn't open my eyes to look at him. I just whispered, "Now," and he knew.

I felt him move on top of me. He was hard again. Or maybe he was hard still. Whichever it was, he was rock hard. This time there was no teasing. No foreplay. His hard cock slid deep into me hitting bottom. I opened my mouth to cry out and his lips found mine. The kiss... the first kiss....I could taste his cum on his lips. As we pressed our lips together in a hard kiss, then slightly parting our lips, I could feel the hot sticky cum in is mouth, his cum that he had sucked out of my pussy, now dripping into my waiting mouth. I could taste us both and it was enough to drive me over the edge again. "Oh God, I love you," I whispered into his mouth as our tongues twined together, but I didn't think he could hear me as he was driving towards his next orgasm. "Fuck me," I said a little louder. "Fuck me hard." I wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust back against him and we rocked against each other in one last climax as we kissed each other with the passion of all of two people had been apart way too long.

Finally spent, we collapsed in a sweaty pile of tangled arms and legs on the bed. I stretched and licked a drop of cum off his face, then kissed the spot it had been and fell back on the bed again.

"Mmmmm," I moaned softly with a smile.

"Fucking incredible," he replied.

I closed my eyes to sleep, knowing I didn't have long till he caught his breath and wanted more. It was good to be home again.

rm_clitoral_man 52M
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1/20/2006 8:53 am

Hmmm, have we met?

Simply awesome BSM! Exxxtremely erotic! Luv your style and your other posts as have a gift for arousing lust and stirring passion...can't wait to cum back for more!


1fantasyweaver 68M

1/20/2006 8:55 am

A masterful bit of writing soccormom!! One of the finest pieces of erotic writing I have read in a very long time. I was hard from the first paragraph. Simply beautiful.

keithcancook 61M
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1/20/2006 9:16 am


rm_Keystone3812 66M
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1/20/2006 9:48 am

that was incredible. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!

iawriter64 54M
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1/20/2006 1:59 pm

Great story! I love how you built in the anticipation and the teasing after the boots were taken off. And the licking after the first session... I was there and could almost taste it. You also included how she felt about the experience- I liked that element.
So many people can write erotica, but to make it interesting than the same ol' fuck scene is a challenge. You've met the challenge- glad I came across your blog!

sexhappy1963 55M

1/21/2006 12:51 am

Your desire and passion is real. Thank you, for showing me that I'm not alone!!!

rm_lookandfind2 65M

1/23/2006 4:33 am

DAMN!!!!!!!! SO HOT!!!!!

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