Finally something to look forward to  

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4/9/2005 11:26 am

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Finally something to look forward to

Greetings all!

Was just sitting on the computer the other day and was listening to Music Match..a cool Music Program where can listen to music. You can type in an artist and hear all the songs they have by that artist or can hear that artist and other artist's or that same genre.

Well I plugged in VNV Nation as chose listen to the artist and other similiar artists. Plays groups like Assemblage 23..KMFDM...VAST.....and such...well this one song starts up with this cool little new wavy type keyboard beginning....then cut to the guitar lead in....then hear the words coming and the voice sounds so damn familiar........then I figure it out...It's Trent!!! Nine Inch Nails has finally produced a new album!!!...woohoooooo! The 1st song released...and the one I was called The Hand That Feeds....from the album Teeth.....So went looking for tour dates and such ...and of course all sold out as the song has been out in the real world for a couple weeks and the tour dates have been announced for some time....of course here in the middle of phucking nowhere, there is no word about it...and of course by the time I find out...too late.....but now have at least a little happiness in the fact have a new song to groove to and the upcoming release of the cd will keep me in good spirits...

Other than that...same old same old....Really nothing much or anything exciting to report. My gym workouts are going well and really keeps my stress levels to a minimum. Think I may head out to Las Cruces today to check out the book stores as need some new reads. Also may hit Hasting and see about picking up a cd or two. Isn't that just the exciting life??...woohooo!!

Not really in the mood to go into anything political or thought provoking feel a bit flirty and a little on the horny side...but have no outlet for that so that will pass

Have fun all as I am outta here.......


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