A week full of loses......  

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4/2/2005 6:42 pm

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A week full of loses......

Greetings all.....

Well it has been a week of newsworthy loses. First Mrs Schiavo passes on and now the Pope has gone to a better place. I am not Catholic and pretty much agnostic but feel a great sense of loss for both. Finally the pettiness and the inhumane treatment of Terri no matter what one believes is over, and in the loss of Pope John Paul II, I think we have lost a truly historic figure. From his work in the eastern block, soviet controlled world, to his attempts at bringing other religions together, I think he will be remember for being a truly amazing person, leader and pontiff.

Heavy hearted way to start a post.......but figured both were with mentioning. Other than that...what is there to speak off. Actually had someone mail me on here so that was pretty cool. Not used to seeing an email waiting for me when I log on..lol...wasn't sure what the heck I was supposed to do.

Did do a bit of music shopping today. Picked up a CD a have wanted to get for a bit....the newest one from And You Will Know Them By the Trail of the Dead called Worlds Apart. After a couple listens really enjoy it. A bit of a departure from Source Tags & Codes. Very good CD and give it a solid 8. ....oops...be right back..have to go check on my laundy....Well I am back and am pissed off....how can you pay an obscene amount of money to stay in an Apartment Complex, and then always run into non working washers or driers that you have to pump tons of quarters into so can complete your wash? I have left notes to the manager about this, but think it is time to have a little talk with her and see if can convey my thoughts on the washer/drier situation...

Okay...what next....Been playing poker online quite a bit of late and doing quite well. Nothing to write home about but keeping my head well above water. Think I like playing in person much better than I do online. Some advantages to online..it is faster...can be relaxed at home and doing something else at the same time and all that, but miss the little nuances, the sounds of chips being tossed into the pot, the stories the old timers tell and all that. Plus, I think one of my best features is that I am pretty decent at getting a read on a person and their hand which is a huge advantage. Can't really do that online.

I am ready to Spring ahead so to speak...clocks go forward one hour here in the US unless your in AZ....never did understand that but then again never have researched it. I like daylight savings time and think my mood becomes slightly better during this time. Like having all that sunlight so to speak....makes me feel happpppyyyyy...lol. Plus allows me to go running before work and like that much better than having to do that after work. My workouts are going well and slowly getting into a good eating habit. That is the toughest thing to do for a single guy...eat right....but working on it so will see if it helps out..

All right....my fingers are tired and I need to go have a nice drink of Iced Tea so I am out of here....Hope all is well with everyone and keep the comments coming!!! (or should that be cumming since this is AdultFriendFinder??..lol)

Peace out everyone and my prayers go out to Terri and the Pope.......



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