Bloggers Poker Championship - My Bad Beat  

BorderWolf 51M/42F
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6/21/2006 9:51 am
Bloggers Poker Championship - My Bad Beat

I played very well, but I got beat in the worst way possible.

I had 4 of a kind Kings. I went all in of course... who wouldn't. I was literally standing up and dancing like a complete idiot. I had "The Nuts". I was going to triple up because 2 other players had called my all in. The had nothing.... a couple over cards, but nothing that could possible compare to my 4 of a kind.

Then on the river my opponent got a flush... a uh'm straight flush... an Ace High straight flush... in other words a freakin' Royal Flush.

I was beat by the very best possible hand! The horror... the horror...

God I love Poker!

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